Wild things to do in Vegas

It is hard to find a person who did not watch Hangover comedy that captures the wild feeling we all have when we envision a Las Vegas adventure. Some of the crazy stuff you can do is get married in a hotel Chappel with fake Elvis as a minister or visit casinos and strip clubs and spend egregiously amount of money.

Outside of these mental images and clichés, Vegas does offer a ton of possible entertainment. Although it is a city most alive at night, there are plenty of activities from 0-24.

What to do in Vegas during the day

Madame Tussaud Museum branch in Las Vegas is among the most popular attractions. You can explore many famous figures, athletes, actors, musicians, superhero characters, and other prominent individuals. Vax statues look incredibly alive, and you can take pictures with your favorite actor or music star.

The stratosphere observation deck is attractive for both day and night visits. High 1,149 feet above the ground, it has a 360-degree view of the town. Look at the famous Strip from above, look at Las Vegas downtown and to the desert.

Like all tourist towns, Las Vegas has a bus tour. You can hop on and off the bus and visit all the famous places in Sin City.

Outside of the city, you could visit the incredible Hoover Dam, and one of the wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon.

Luxor hotel has two exciting exhibitions you can visit, the Bodies, and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. The first one will take you through people’s anatomy by showing real bodies and organs, while the latter has artifacts from the ship Titanic along with reconstructions of ship parts like the Grand Staircase.

How long should you stay in Las Vegas

There is no correct answer to this question. You can spend one night in Vegas and have more fun then in two weeks if you are lucky. It also depends you are traveling alone, as a couple, friends or with kids. If you want to take time and explore all the riches of Vegas, hotels, casinos, attraction, and surrounding natural wonders, seven to nine days would be a perfect Vegas vacation. Hopefully, you will not spend all your allowance first night on slot machines.

Before planning your Las Vegas vacation, it would be great to fulfill esta application form, as you will need to wait for the approval. ESTA is the first step for international travelers that plan to visit the US. Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, international travel is suspended, but you can still apply and get rid of the documentation.

Can you ride a bike on the Las Vegas Strip?

Nevada laws say that a bike is a vehicle on the road, and the same rules apply for bicycles and cars. The local municipal law prohibits bike riding on the sidewalk, and all the bikes, including the one on the Strip, have to ride on the pavement and in the direction of the general traffic. The Strip sidewalks are for pedestrians only.

Wild things to do in Vegas

Vegas has something for everyone’s taste. If you are into adrenaline, take the Voodoo Zipline from the Rio Hotel. Dive from the 51st-floor rooftop and enjoy an 800-foot ride, and return.

Experience freefall in Vegas indoor skydiving. In the north part of the Strip, you can hop into the tunnel with winds up to 120 mph. You will get the chance to float or make freefall without the freight of the height.

Visiting Las Vegas without a lap dance might feel uncomplete. The best place for such entertainment is Flamingo. In a similar domain, you can see the best striping shows in Planet Hollywood.

Popular nightlife challenge in Vegas clubs is Champagne facials with streams of precious drink pouring over Open mouth of clubbers.

Vegas afternoon shows

Hotels in Vegas have extravagant exterior, high-class accommodation, cuisine, and nightlife offers. Most of them are built around the casino, but many offer attractive shows of the biggest world music and comedy stars. Since the party in Vegas never stops, many venues hold afternoon shows.

Nostalgia driven visitors could head down the Tuscany Suites Casino for the Rat Pack is Back, a recreation of original Rat Pack featuring look-a-likes of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr.

Murray, the Magician, is a star of numerous TV shows, and now he has his own Vegas afternoon program. He is known for illusions of grand scale, but also more down to earth magic.

Mystere is an acrobatic show in the production of Cirque du Soleil, and it is suitable for children. If you are into incredible stunts, this is a must-see.

Paranormal is a hot show where Fredric Da Silva performs with a mentalist program that includes hypnosis, mind-reading, and other similar stunts

Other notable shows include Potted Potter, Blue Man Group, Mac King Comedy Magic Show, Legends in Concert, and many others.

To get into the US and Las Vegas, you will have to apply for the Visa Waiver program that grants you 90 days for your US visit. As a part of VWP, you will have to answer esta questions, so that the administration can see if you are eligible for entry into the country. Once you get your approval, it is valid for two years.


Las Vegas is a unique city in the world. It was built around entertainment, casinos, and world-class hotels in the middle of Nevada desert. The Vegas offers something for everyone, from the wild bachelor party to family vacation, and from the neon lights of the Strip to the natural wonders outside of the city.

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