How to Choose a Hotel for a Romantic Trip

The winter’s coming to its end, and this means it’s time to start planning a vacation. When considering every little detail, the destination, and the route, the main problem is usually a hotel. There are so many of them that it may take weeks to pick the right one.

Here, you should take your preferences, financial capabilities, and the purpose of the trip into account. For example, couples with high social status expect perfect service. They’re the ones who opt for luxury hotels and resorts. But those who want to explore cities and sights during the trip hardly need many luxuries. When choosing a particular hotel, you must first familiarize yourself with it.

Rules to follow

There are a few rules you should consider. Firstly, it’s important to determine how much you’re ready to spend and allocate this amount. Thus, you should be clear about your expectations of the hotel.

Students on a budget can focus on guest houses or hostels. These options are the most liberal in any country in the world. Also, some people are more comfortable staying in small provincial hotels. Old and small towns offer peace and solitude. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have nothing to worry about since even modest hotels always warmly welcome guests, have a special approach to each client, and create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation.

Newlyweds who want to spend their honeymoon abroad can stop at any resort. The main thing is that this hotel has specialized rooms for couples with a romantic setting. Ask the hotel administrator if they offer rooms for newlyweds. You may also check out bungalows on some deserted seashore.

Remember that, during the journey, your best friend is the manager. A professional knows how to settle any problem, how to make your stay enjoyable, how to compliment a girl and calm down an angry man.

Couples who plan their vacation with kids must consider several aspects. Firstly, the hotel must be absolutely safe for kids to stay. For example, sockets should be located higher or have special protection. Secondly, ask the manager if they have nannies or playgrounds because you might want to spend some time without your children. Finally, the selected room should be fully equipped for kids: the bathroom must be equipped with child care products, a low toilet, and a lowered bathtub.


Hotels may differ from each other in terms of food. This issue must be dealt with in advance. All hotels offer one-time meals, which include only breakfast, as well as two-time or full meals. Also, there are two types of buffet in hotels:
– Continental, which includes one set of dishes for each guest. Thus, all guests can eat only what a hotel gives them, so warn the manager if you’re allergic to something (they must settle this issue and inform the cook);
– Display Buffet, which allows a guest to independently pick dishes from the general assortment.


Keep in mind that hotels offer both standard services and additional ones. Depending on the category of the hotel and its level, additional services may be standard and included in the room price, or vice versa, services considered standard in other hotels may be additional in the one you pick. In most cases, the following additional services of the hotel include:

– Pools (open and closed);
– Gyms;
– Restaurants;
– Entertaining events and venues (animators, clubs, billiards, bowling, etc.);
– Hairdressing and make-up studios (exist in hotels for businessmen);
– Laundry and ironing;
– Saunas.

When choosing a hotel, be sure to read as many reviews as you can. Ask your friends who have visited this hotel before and check its official website. But the final and most important rule is: feel free to ask the manager about everything you want. It’s important to sort things out in advance so that you don’t find yourself in a tight spot.

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