The 10 Best Typewriter Keyboards (Retro Styles)

Over the past 10 years, keyboards have evolved exponentially – improving in almost every area to make your typing experience more unique and enjoyable. A new trend that’s now lighting up the keyboard marketplace is typewriter keyboards, designed to look and feel like the old day typewriters but with all the mod-cons you’d expect from a modern, high-end alternative. 

For many, the typewriter keyboard is the best of both worlds, giving them a nostalgic look that won’t disappoint when it comes to feel and features. For that reason, we’ll be scouring the web to find only the best typewriter keyboards available in 2021. We’ll be comparing price, performance, design, and overall value for money, ensuring that the typewriter keyboards we recommend really are worth the cash.

So, with plenty to get through, let’s waste no further time and dive straight into it!


Buying The Right Typewriter Keyboard For Your Specific Requirements 

Like all hardware and peripheral purchases, choosing the best typewriter keyboard for your specific needs comes down to a number of different factors. These factors will not only ensure that the typewriter keyboard you buy suits your specific requirements, but will also help you choose one that is value for money. 

Mechanical Switches

The first thing you want to consider before diving into a typewriter keyboard purchase is what switches it comes equipped with. Switches reside underneath each of the individual keys and are used to tell the PC which key is being pressed. 

There are two main types of keyboard switch (mechanical and membrane), with each offering its own unique set of pros and cons. 

If you’re looking for a more immersive and tactile experience, mechanical switches can not be replicated. They come in a variety of forms, each designed to suit your exact requirements. They also offer an audible response that is extremely pleasing – albeit on the loud side. If you’re more interested in keeping costs to a minimum, rubber domes (membrane switches) are much more affordable – and quieter. 

RGB Lighting

RGB lighting is something old school typewriters definitely didn’t offer. However, in today’s market, almost every keyboard I can think of offers some form of lighting feature. Whilst high-end RGB lighting can look absolutely brilliant, it’s also a feature many don’t need and can drive the price up exponentially. Just remember, if you’re looking to save money, buying a keyboard with subtle lighting (or none at all) is one of the easiest ways to reduce the price. 


Finally, we have features. Features come in many shapes and forms when we reference a keyboard. The same can be said for typewriter keyboards, with features being right up there in terms of importance. Like RGB, features can drive the price of your keyboard up a lot.

That said, they also play a major role in the overall performance of a typewriter keyboard – especially one that you may use for gaming. Keyboard features include; NKRO rollover, anti-ghosting, mechanical switches, RGB lighting, wireless technology, and more. If you’re just looking for a typewriter keyboard for aesthetic appeal, chances are you won’t need many of the additional features. Buying one that limits features to a minimum will save you a lot of money when it comes to purchasing time. 


Is A TypeWriter Keyboard The Same As A Mechanical Keyboard?

For all intents and purposes, the answer to this question is yes. Mechanical keyboards are keyboards that make use of mechanical switches – not membrane switches. As we said earlier, the mechanical switch lies underneath each of the keys and affects the way each keypress feels, sounds, and how quickly it responds. 

Mechanical switches are hugely popular when it comes to gaming, mainly because they feel tactile and give you the edge over the competition when it comes to actuation and response. However, the same can be said for a typewriter keyboard. By using mechanical switches, the typewriter keyboard not only looks like a typewriter but also feels like one as well. It adds a tonne of tactile feedback that is much more pleasing than the mushy alternative (membrane key switches). 

All being said, some differences can be found when looking at mechanical keyboards and typewriter keyboards. A lot of modern mechanical keyboards vary in size and form factor. For example, the tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is now hugely popular amongst both typists and gamers – mainly because it offers a smaller profile that is more versatile and easier to transport. 

Most typewriter keyboards come with all keys and a number pad too – making them fairly large and cumbersome – especially when compared to smaller form factor mechanical alternatives. 

The keycaps are also very different when comparing the two designs, with the typewriter keyboard offering up a circular keycap that better replicates the old school typewriter. 


Who Is Best Suited for Typewriter Keyboards?

So, who exactly is best suited to a typewriter keyboard? Well, it’s a good question, mainly because typewriter keyboards are extremely bespoke when it comes to design and feel. 

For me, the typewriter keyboard lends itself to individuals that want the retro looks of an old-school typewriter with all the modern features we spoke about earlier. With well thought out features, the typewriter keyboard is much more than just a typing vessel – it can also be used for gaming as well. Equipped with high-end mechanical switches, the typewriter keyboard is much more than just aesthetic appeal.

They offer a wonderful typing experience that is, in a lot of cases, much more versatile than using an actual typewriter. Also, let’s not forget that many people still use typewriters these days. 

For individuals that want all the benefits of a typewriter without the heavy price tag that some offer, the typewriter keyboard is a fantastic alternative. Not only do they allow you to interact with modern technology, but they also provide lighting and wireless features that mean you can use a typewriter keyboard in almost any location – and in style. 


The 10 Best Typewriter Keyboards In 2021

So, with that being said, it’s time to take a closer look at what we’ve ranked as the 10 best typewriter keyboards available in 2021. We’ve tested a tonne of typewriter keyboards over the last 6-12 months, with the following keyboards coming out on top when it comes to price, performance, design, and overall value for money. 


1. DoubleW Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

DoubleW Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

First up we have the DoubleW Typewriter mechanical gaming keyboard, a fantastic mix of old-style aesthetics and up to date hardware, paired together to create a truly enjoyable typing (and gaming) experience. 

From a design point of view, the DoubleW is a fantastic looking keyboard that offers the best of both worlds. Equipped with tasteful RGB, this typewriter keyboard really does shine when you turn the lights out at night. Consumers have over 160+ lighting modes to choose from, and 7 color sidelights, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere whilst typing. 

At the heart of this typewriter keyboard lies mechanical blue switches, giving the typing experience a tactile feel that is a pleasure to use. The blue switches also offer good resistance and an audible click that isn’t too aggressive on the ears. 

As you can see from the name, DoubleW are also classing this as a gaming keyboard. Whilst it probably doesn’t stack up against some of the high-end gaming keyboards available right now, it is absolutely head and shoulders above membrane keyboards and generic office alternatives. The blue switches give you excellent actuation time and responsiveness. 

This keyboard also comes equipped with a nicely designed wrist rest that sits on the bottom edge of the keyboard, taking any pressure away from your wrists. 


  • A stylish design that offers over 160+ lighting modes
  • Nicely designed wrist rest that gives added comfort to the typing experience
  • Great keycap design that makes this keyboard look as good as an original typewriter
  • 108-key anti-ghosting technology


  • Switches can be a little too “clicky” for some individuals
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2. TISHLED Typewriter Style Gaming Keyboard

TISHLED is a fairly well-known brand within the peripheral marketplace, bringing some of the coolest looking retro offerings to the table. This particular typewriter-style keyboard comes equipped with all the characteristics you’d want from an old school typewriter, alongside some cool features that really do set this board above other recommendations in this guide.

If you’re into the pink theme, this typewriter keyboard is surely high on your list of considerations – utilizing the color in a fine fashion. The keycaps have been styled perfectly to replicate the typewriter-style and have been equipped with mechanical blue switches that provide nice tactile feedback alongside a nice audible clicky sound. At the base of the keyboard, users are treated to 20 lighting effects that can be adjusted in brightness and speed. 

Whilst this is a typewriter keyboard at heart, it still has excellent versatility to its name, including gaming features like mechanical switches and 104 key anti-ghosting. That makes it great for FPS and MMO titles, requiring fast actuation and responsiveness. 

 Whilst the mouse isn’t the greatest thing in the world, it matches the set nicely and comes equipped with a sensor that isn’t too far behind other gaming mice available today. Overall, for well under £100, you’d have to say this keyboard and mouse combo showcases fantastic value for money – not to mention stellar design features as well. 


  • A stylish design that comes equipped with a handy phone holder at the top
  • Great value for money, includes matching mouse
  • Subtle lighting that really does come into its own at night


  • The pink color could put some individuals off – even though I consider it a fetching look
  • Mouse isn’t quite up to speed when compared to other gaming options
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3. DoubleW Typewriter Keyboard 

DoulbeW typewriter keyboard

Next up we have our second offering from DoubleW, a much more intriguing looking typewriter keyboard that kind of looks like a lipstick stand at one of your favorite makeup stores. That said, I actually like the way this keyboard looks, offering a king of hybrid styling that crosses modern with retro. 

On top of the keyboard sits Retro steampunk mechanical blue switches that really are the best of both worlds. From a typing point of view, they offer you a wonderful feel that is medium in resistance and clicky in sound. However, when you switch this to a gaming scenario, the mechanical switches offer up much greater responsiveness and actuation. 

Like a lot of other keyboards in this guide, the DoubleW typewriter keyboards offer up 104 anti-ghosting which makes gaming even more accessible. The lack of ghosting means users will be able to input complex commands that require several simultaneous keypresses. 

Gaming aside, this keyboard also brings stellar build quality to the table. With an aluminum alloy backplate, this board really does feel like it’s fit to stand the test of time. Whilst you probably think this adds a premium to this board’s pricing, you’ll be surprised to find out that it actually doesn’t. This keyboard comes in at well under £100 and is considered extremely good value for money. 


  • One of the nicest typewriter keyboards in this guide
  • Excellent mechanical blue switches that rival some gaming alternatives
  • Sturdy steampunk keycaps that look really eye-catching


  • Some individuals may not like the color scheme this keyboard offers
  • The feet don’t really elevate this keyboard to a great height
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4. AULA L2058 LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

AULA L2058 LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The AULA L2058 (catchy name) mechanical typewriter keyboard is up next, coming to the table boasting a much more gamey aesthetic that the previous three simply can’t match. Like the previous typewriter keyboards, the AULA comes equipped with Steampunk retro typewriter keycaps that really do look fantastic on this particular board. It offers a black color theme that works extremely well with the backlights to make this keyboard look extremely gamey. 

Users will be treated to 19 unique blacklight modes that can be changed simply by pressing the relevant buttons on the board. You’ll also be able to create 3 DIY custom profiles to suit your exact RGB needs. 

AULA has gone one step further in the design of this keyboard, offering up mechanical brown switches that bring a highly tactile typing experience to the table. Furthermore, these key switches are much more forgiving than blue alternatives, offering only half the audible feedback that blues create. 

One huge benefit of this keyboard is the multimedia keys it comes equipped with. It’s the only one to do so right now, and is certainly a premium feature that adds a tonne to the user experience. 


  • Comes equipped with fairly comprehensive user software for creating RGB profiles and button mapping
  • Excellent design aesthetics that are head and shoulders above others in this guide
  • Speedy mechanical brown switches
  • Great value for money


  • Wrist rest isn’t amazing
  • Black color scheme may be off-putting
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5. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard – Mini Portable 84-Key Typewriter

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - Mini Portable 84-Key Typewriter

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile and easy to travel with, maybe this next pick is what you’re looking for. This wireless BlueTooth keyboard offers you a wireless design that most of the other typewriter keyboards in this guide simply can’t match. Once again, this board comes to the table offering a pink theme that has been tastefully considered. 

The keycaps used in this board have been nicely designed to look like typewriter keys, albeit with a modern twist. One of the stand-out differences, apart from the wireless functionality of this keyboard, is the 20key less design. Unlike the others in this guide that offer a number pad, this one ditches it for versatility and ease of transport. That said, with 84 keys at your disposal, this keyboard is still more than functional when it comes to your everyday typing and word processing needs. 

This wireless keyboard comes with a 2.4GHz wireless connection that makes using this keyboard in and around the house very functional indeed. It has a great range which means you don’t have to sit on top of your device to utilize it. 


  • Comes with bluetooth wireless technology, giving you the freedom to use this keyboard anywhere in the house
  • Offers a strong 2.4GHz bluetooth signal
  • Small form factor makes transporting this keyboard very versatile


  • Doesn’t come equipped with a number pad
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6. Azio Retro – USB Mechanical Keyboard

Azio Retro - USB Mechanical Keyboard

Azio are a fairly popular name within the peripheral game, bringing some of the sleekest looking keyboards to the table. This typewriter-style keyboard follows their trend of minimalistic design, offers a stripped back look that would suit almost any scenario or setting. Whilst the majority of this keyboard is black, Azio have equipped the keycaps and edges with a chrome finish that gives this board a stylish look, to say the least. 

Gamers will be pleased with it’s design as well, offering users complete NKRO rollover (all key anti-ghosting technology) which is perfect for “button mashing” games that require complex commands to be entered at speed. Furthermore, with mechanical blue switches, you’ll be giving yourself the advantage over users still stuck on membrane rubber dome switches. 

The Azio typewriter-style keyboard is also water and dust resistant, meaning any spills won’t be ruining your game (or article) any time soon. 


  • A sleek and stylish design that will suit almost any setting
  • Chrome finish that adds style to this board’s aesthetic
  • Full NKRO rollover
  • Water and dust resistant, increasing overall lifespan


  • Doesn’t come with any lighting
  • Backplate doesn’t feel as robust as others in this guide
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7. E-YOOSO K600 – Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

E-YOOSO K600 - Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The E-YOOSO K600 is next, bringing a tasteful gaming aesthetic, alongside some cool gaming features, to the table. This 104 key rainbow-colored mechanical gaming keyboard truly is the best of both worlds, providing a combination of new and old that is very nicely finished. 

Whilst the design of this keyboard is all typewriter, inside lies possibly the best switches when it comes to a gaming scenario. The Outemu blue switches are custom designed and make gaming a real joy. They might be a little on the clicky side, but once you get used to them, you’ll have a definite advantage over your competition when it comes to response and actuation accuracy. 

To increase the overall aesthetics of this board, E-YOOSO have equipped it with a full backlit led setup which can be altered in 9 preset modes. Furthermore, Doubleshot keycaps have been utilized here to ensure the longevity of the board itself. Overall, for under £40, you really can’t go wrong with this gaming mechanical keyboard.


  • A stylish design that could suit almost any setting
  • 9 customizable LED modes that add a tonne of aesthetic appeal
  • Great Outemu blue switches that feel great for both typing and gaming


  • Some consider the design to be a little on the basic side
  • Build quality doesn’t feel half as robust as some of the others in this guide
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8. RYMEK Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard

RYMEK Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard

Next up, we have possibly the most impressive typewriter-style keyboard in this guide. The RYMEK mechanical is an all out typewriter keyboard, leaving all the gaming features behind for great build quality, excellent styling, and brilliant additional extras. 

The style of this keyboard is about as close to a typewriter as this guide offers, pulling on the retro brass finish that is reminiscent of older items. Whilst this keyboard looks aged, the technology that drives it could be further from that. This keyboard actually offers up both wireless and wired usage, meaning if you want to hook your tablet up to this thing and type away in the comfort of your garden, you’ll have the access to do so. It also has a table holder at the top which makes using them simultaneously much more accessible. With LED backlighting and mechanical blue switches, the RYMEK really does tick all the boxes from a design and performance standpoint. However, it does fall into the £200 price bracket – making it the most expensive in this guide. 


  • Incredible appealing design that looks fantastic from all angles
  • Comes with a built in table holder for simultaneous use
  • Brass style finish for a truly luxurious look
  • Wireless and wired versatility 


  • Falls into the higher end of the price spectrum at £200
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9. Gaming Keyboard – Retro Punk Typewriter-Style

Gaming Keyboard - Retro Punk Typewriter-Style

For those individuals that need more pink in their lives, this gaming typewriter keyboard couldn’t be more suited to their needs. It is head to toe pink and, let’s be honest, looks fantastic whilst doing so. It utilizes blue style mechanical switches that provide medium resistance, high actuation, and tactile feedback that can not be replicated in membrane rubber dome alternatives. 

This keyboard also provides 30 types of lighting effects, meaning you’ll be able to fine-tune the design of this keyboard to your exact requirements. Another great feature that comes with this keyboard is the multimedia keys it offers. You’ll be able to pause, play, and skip songs with the touch of a button. Furthermore, the body of this board is electroplated to give the metal a more intense color finish. The backplate is also designed using solid metal, meaning this keyboard isn’t going to break on you anytime soon. A fantastic display of value at just under £60. 


  • A fantastic design that is both unique and eye-catching
  • 30 lighting effects that can be altered with ease via the keyboards function buttons
  • Chrome finish that gives a final touch of luxury to this board


  • All pink design can be off-putting for some individuals
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10. Arcwares Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Arcwares Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Last but not least is the Arcwares wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Despite its fairly basic design traits, this keyboard actually offers a plethora of high-end features that make it extremely good value for money. 

It comes equipped with typewriter-style keycaps with a twist, merging old and new together to create a likable hybrid that is certainly bespoke. 

Unlike other typewriter keyboards in this guide (bar one), the Arcware wireless keyboard comes equipped with a fairly modest mouse as well. Whilst it isn’t exactly equipped for gaming, it certainly completes the set from a design standpoint. 

Unfortunately, this keyboard does not come equipped with mechanical switches, leaving it a little behind the times when it comes to more competitive gaming scenarios. However, for light gaming, this will be more than enough to get your through. Overall, you can’t really knock this keyboard from a value standpoint, it ticks a lot of the right boes. 


  • A cool design that is certainly bespoke compared to others in its genre
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology for a great connection
  • Extremely good battery life
  • Very good value for money


  • Mouse isn’t exactly up to scratch when it comes to a gaming scenario
  • Build quality isn’t the greatest
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So, there we have it. With the current pandemic and the vast majority of the world working from home, there’s no doubt ay least a small portion of people looking for a quirky alternative to a regular keyboard. And there’s no arguing that typewriter keyboards are certainly unique!