Delving into Big Data Trends for 2024

Big data continues to be a driving force for the future of analytics and decision-making. It’s set to redefine the technological landscape as we know it while enabling businesses to make more intelligent decisions.


Real-Time Analytics and Edge Computing

As the volume of data generated by edge networks continues to surge, 2024 marks the prominence of new trends. Real-time analytics are now driven by data closer to the source, which ensures faster decision-making as well as reduced latency. This trend is especially important for industries that require immediate insight, such as manufacturing and IOT-driven environments.

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Big data is also critical to the iGaming industry. In addition to assisting developers when creating games, it also helps to track player spending. Marketing techniques can then be developed, based on proven surges of interest. This is important as certain trends are often dependent on others. An example of this would be the Ruby Walsh slot game trending at the same time as the Cheltenham Festival, which attracts people from across the country. Ruby Walsh also contributes weekly columns to Paddy Power news, so interesting story spikes can have a knock-on effect across numerous sectors. 

Big data uncovers trends before it’s apparent they’re happening, allowing casinos to capitalise on them by offering bonuses and free spins, specific to the games that are proving popular through surges in other sectors. 


AI Analytics

In 2024, Big data and AI are going to have a huge part to play. Advanced algorithms are set to revolutionise data exploration as we know it, offering a great deal of insight by uncovering trends, correlations and data exploration across different datasets. 

This helps organisations to extract a huge amount of value from the data reservoirs they have.  AI graph analytics are also emerging as a tool for interconnected datasets. In 2024, organisations are beginning to harness the power of complex networks by adopting graph databases. This allows companies to identify patterns while also deriving actionable insights. This trend is prevalent in diverse sectors, from fraud detection to biological research and social networks.

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The proliferation of both unstructured and structured data continues to be unabated. It is also helping to define the landscape of 2024. Big data platforms are evolving so that they can handle diverse data types, effortlessly. This gives organisations the chance to extract meaningful insights from a huge range of sources. The ability to manage and then derive value from unstructured data is becoming a cornerstone for data-driven success going forward. 

Due to its size, big data is often regulated to the cloud. This has helped to provide more opportunities to people so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge it provides. Big data helps every aspect of our lives too, allowing people to plan their journeys based on traffic jams to creating state-of-the-art treatments for a range of conditions. Big data can be used to predict weather anomalies so that steps can be taken to mitigate natural disasters. In short, the potential of big data is huge, and the current 2024 trends are helping to showcase just what else it’s capable of.


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