How To Win Instagram If You Are A Writer

Instagram, with over 500 million active users, has the highest percentage of user engagement. The adoption of the right Instagram marketing strategy by writers can help in the positive advertising and branding of their content. Instagram allows in connecting to a vast audience and network with brands giving writers an excellent marketing platform. 

Create a Strong Foundational Base for Instagram Marketing

The basic need to be straightened and laid firmly first. As a writer, make sure to connect with the relevant audience using these strategies. They have worked well with several writers and helped them promote their content.

  • As a writer, add a short and crisp bio resonating to what you do. Your bio should tell people who you are and what you do. 

Instagram gives a separate column to add your website link, make sure you leverage it. Redirect the readers to your blog or website by pasting a link there. 

  • Hashtags are the best marketing tools on Instagram. Every post allows the use of 30 hashtags but do not overuse it. The use of right hashtags let like-minded people and readers find your posts on Instagram. Popular hashtags for Instagram writers are #booksofinstagram, #bookstagram #instabooks, #writersofinstagram, #bookporn, etc.

  • Engagement is a two-way process. You have to engage with fellow writers actively and book lovers on Instagram, follow their accounts, or leave a comment to get reciprocation of engagement. Use the platform to connect with other content creators and writers.

  • Always use original content for every post. Make sure to stay consistent and post regularly. Do not over-promote your content and work, or else people will get bored. Instead, combine the magic of words with a creative and beautiful picture to make it more captivating. 

Learn the Art of Storytelling on Instagram

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app and gradually became one of the biggest social media marketing platforms. Even today, accounts with meaningful and beautiful pictures continue to create the stir and have more followers. An incredibly useful trick on how to get more Instagram followers is to learn the art of storytelling. 

Storytelling is simply the art of writing compelling and engaging stories or narratives. Please make use of the platform by sharing a picture and telling a story through it. 

For example, take a picture while traveling and post it with a story behind the photo. This helps in generating interest amongst not only the readers but overall Instagrammers. Alternatively, you can create aesthetic looking pictures using templates on graphic apps and post it on Instagram with a story. 

Instagram post ideas for writers 

Everyone has a unique approach, and what works for others might not work for you. However, as a writer, a bit of creativity is necessary to promote your work and win Instagram as a marketing tool. Here are some cool ideas on the kind of content to post as a writer.

  • Glimpses of Author’s Life

Your readers and Instagram followers are interested in knowing you beyond your books or content. Engage the audience by posting pictures showing little glimpses of your life like a picture from a vacation, inspiring books to read, quotes, home décor inspiration, etc. From time to time post your pictures also to keep the audience engaged. 

  • Book Promotion and Events

Create attractive visuals sharing information about the upcoming launch of a public. As a writer, update information about conducting workshops and events. Make sure to create an engaging and visually appealing graphic and post on Instagram feed and stories. You can easily design beautiful visuals for Instagram using free graphic tools and templates. 

  • Creative Book Photography

As a writer, it is not only your books or writing that you should promote on Instagram. The most important part is the collaborative engagement. Use books as a prop for photography and post on Instagram. This will help you engage with an audience who are into reading. 

  • Book Giveaways 

The giveaways help you to market the book well and even gain relevant followers on Instagram. To make the giveaway successful, create a hamper including signed copies of the book along with some other gifts. 

How can Instagram help writers grow? 

Instagram, apart from being a photo-sharing app, is a great social media platform to network and collaborate with relevant peers. The visually appealing pictures are a great way to grab attention, followed by engagement with the reader and counterparts. 

  • Conduct workshops and writing events 

As an established writer, use your skills and learning by conducting workshops and events. This gives a chance to collaborate with your followers and readers. Host a project or conduct a free workshop for improving writing skills and post it on Instagram. This will help readers to participate in the event or workshop. 

  • Share writing tips and tricks

Sharing is caring and works like a magic trick on Instagram. One strategy to use Instagram for growth as a writer is to share good tricks and tips for writing continually. For example, you can use one day in a week dedicated to creating an Instagram post that offers writing tips. Link the full content in the bio for increased readership.

  • Networking and promotional marketing

Instagram is an excellent place for the network by engaging with a like-minded audience. Engage with other writers and fellow bloggers to grow your audience. Engage with book reviewers to get more followers and engagement. The right marketing can help you in monetizing by finding writing opportunities. Use Instagram for promoting and advertising the new book or a blog. Share it on the feed, stories, and you can also come live for announcements.

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