Is scrapping your car worth it?

For the practical everyday driver, every car has a finite lifespan. We might become attached to our vehicles, but we would all do well to bear in mind their basic function: to get us from A to B, and cost-effectively.

But once a vehicle starts to cause headaches – whether it’s failing MOTs, has taken a big hit in a recent road accident, or is simply costing an arm and a leg to maintain – it’s probably time to say farewell. 

But should you sell it or scrap it? That’s a very common question, and like many such questions, the answer is this:

It depends.

Below, we outline three scenarios where it definitely is worth calling the scrappers rather than prolonging the inevitable or trying your luck on the marketplaces.


If the repair job is more expensive than the car’s value

Once a car reaches a certain age, especially if parts are scarce or even out of production, repair costs start to become astronomical.

For example, let’s say your car is worth £700 but needs a new exhaust system. If the cost of that job is anywhere near £700 (or even higher, which could easily be the case), it would be more cost-effective for you to scrap the car and get what you can for it.

With a big job like an exhaust system, 


If the car is not in a drivable state

Some repair jobs are more cosmetic than functional, but certain issues will mean that your car is undrivable (such as the exhaust system example we’ve just talked about).

Selling an undrivable car isn’t impossible, of course, but it does tend to be much more difficult, because it minimises your pool of potential buyers. Maybe a talented mechanic with a lot of time on their hands would take it off your hands and fix it up as a personal passion project, but don’t hold your breath.

You can cut out all of that waiting by consulting a good scrapping company that will give you a fair quote. 


If you don’t want the hassle of selling your car on

It may be that your car could fetch slightly more if you sold it online, or the old-fashioned way, or by trading it in at a dealership, but sometimes that can be more hassle than it’s worth. 

If it’s a matter of just a few pounds, or if you’re too busy, you can arrange for a car-scrapping company to come and collect the vehicle from you at home (or wherever the car is). 


Getting it scrapped

If you do choose to scrap your car, you need to make sure that this takes place at what’s known as an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). This is the only way to make sure that the scrap company is a reputable, responsible business that is complying with the law, notifying the DVLA and working hard to reduce the environmental impact of car-scrapping.

Scrap Car Kings operate in London, Essex and Kent, offering the most competitive price for your vehicle and taking all the hassle away by coming to collect it.

Just to be sure to find the most reputable scrap car locations in your area, and get the price you deserve for scrapping your vehicle.

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