How to make a room cosy: a few tricks

Often, when it comes to furnishing a room, people focus only on the furniture, forgetting that colour combinations and matches are more important than they appear on the surface.

Furnishing a room without knowledge can lead to a number of mistakes, such as filling a space with furniture and making it impractical. With this in mind, we would like to recommend two fairly quick and functional methods that can help you understand how to optimise the furnishing process, namely using wallpaper and wall stickers.

How to choose a good wallpaper


Until a few years ago, wallpaper was considered an “old-fashioned” solution, but the truth is that like many other aesthetic products, it too has evolved and it is no coincidence that there are a number of modern motifs designed to enhance spaces for various uses. From this point of view, creativity is a winning weapon as finding the right combination can be fundamental in setting a furnishing style.

In particular, choosing a suitable wallpaper is an effective way for businesses and offices to communicate their identity. Walls are the shell of a business, so it’s only right to give them the right spirit, and possibly one that ties in with the brand’s leitmotif

The choice of wallpaper, however, must be well thought out; if so, how? Changing it several times in a short period of time is not possible. Therefore, it is necessary to choose with “long-term criteria”.

If you want to use it in a not too pretentious environment with wooden furniture and trim, you can opt for a Casual wallpaper with a naturtint. Flowers and leaves go well with wood and it is a solution that transmits calm and tranquillity.

In rooms with a contemporary or futuristic style, where modern furniture stands out, the ideal and most suitable wallpaper can feature metallic tones, geometric shapes and shiny accents. For a softer vision, pastel shades are ideal.

If we have to furnish a room with old furniture, antique furniture, or furniture from the more recent 50s and 60s, the ideal wallpaper would be vintage, with unique tones that allow us to take a small leap back in time.

Wall Stickers

Removable wall stickers are motifs printed on vinyl and come in a variety of formats, usually adhesive or electrostatic.

Ideal on walls with single, light colours, as well as being decorative, these stickers can also be useful for a non-slip bath or to make windows opaque. However, the best of this product is seen on a neutral wall.

Normally, permanent adhesives are used, to avoid the risk of them coming off over time (but this is very rare), but there are also repositionable adhesives that can be peeled off and stuck on several times and because of this, you will lose some adhesion each time and risk permanent loss.

If you can’t find the perfect sticker, please don’t worry, because you can create your custom stickers very easy and it won’t take you a lot of time! You will be able to modify the colour, the text, anything.


For this reason, electrostatic stickers have been created, which are therefore non-adhesive and ideal for glass and metal surfaces. They can be reused at will, but only if stored correctly.

As with wallpaper, the stickers cannot be chosen at random and must match the theme and colour of the room. For a child’s room, it would be ideal to have stickers that recall his or her passions in order to create a serene and welcoming environment.

The size of the room should also not be underestimated. In a large room, large sticker sizes are ideal, while in a small room, only small touches should be used.

The important thing to remember is that the colour of the sticker must match that of the furniture and walls to avoid unattractive jumbles. If the room is already very colourful, it is better to choose a monochrome wall sticker, on the contrary you can use it to give it colour.

The truth is that there is a lot of choice in wall stickers for every room and with a little patience you can find the ideal sticker for your dream room.

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