Make your living room shine through these easy tips and tricks

The living room remains the center stage of the home. As a place to gather, relax and enjoy some time off. For others, it is also the place where the family enjoys food and plays games. There are many reasons why the living room requires special attention. Not only is it your personal space, but it is also a space where you often receive your guests. To make this a versatile space, we have listed some tips and tricks to improve this space in your house.

Smart home solutions as a foundation

Creating different types of living room environments starts with the furniture. Ranging from the couch to the dinner table, selecting these elements is at the heart of your room. However, the true enhancements start with the selection of smart home applications. Having intuitive lighting, for example, can set the scene in your room. You can even connect lights, speakers, and the TV to create special scenes. Having friends over? You can create a special scene that lowers the lights and place some nice background music.

Creating a true cinematic experience

Are you into movies and do you like to have movie nights at home? Creating an experience similar to the cinema would be something for you. With some easy enhancements, you can make this possible. For example, with a smart TV, you can already allow accessing a huge library of movies to choose from. Next, you can select a special soundbar or move ahead with a TV that has Dolby Atmos sound. The finishing touch can be found in the lighting. When you have smart lights, you can create a special ‘movie setting’ where you can adjust the lights according to the movie. With special devices, such as Philips Hue, you can even adjust the lights based on the movie itself for the ultimate experience!

Adding some green to the room

Besides furniture and smart home devices, plants can make your room feel complete. Not only do they add to your interior design, but they are also helpful companions that clean the air. Large indoor plants are well-positioned to help you in both fields. They are very present in the room and add to your styling, whereas they often possess good air purification capabilities.

What type of ‘plant whisperer’ are you?

When selecting a plant, you should not only think about the type of plant you are looking for. Besides that, it makes sense to determine how good you are (or want to be) in treating plants. Some plants require minimal attention, while others require daily attention. You should take this into account when selecting your large indoor plants. This does not only come down to your skills, but also the room where the plants are present. With lots of light, you will need to select different plants than a living room with lots of shadows.

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