As autobiographies take over the sales of fiction, a leading PR expert has launched a ghostwriting service to enable people to publish their memories in time for Christmas

Autobiographies are the fastest selling books on Amazon, taking over traditional fiction according to new research, with 51% of the British population wanting to tell their story

And a leading PR expert is offering a bespoke writing service to enable people to publish their stories in time for Christmas, making it an exceptional gift for friends and family,

Since lockdown many people took to their laptop to write their memoirs.Statistics show that this demand for new authors is projected to grow 9% from 2020 to 2030, with national ghostwriting agencies reporting up to 400% increases in inquiries over the pandemic.

Public relations and media expert, Amanda Moss, noticed this trend and saw a gap in the market, launching an autobiography writing service to help struggling writers tell their story.

Amanda Moss has 30 years experience writing in the media and offers a bespoke service, from ghostwriting, to self publishing and assisting with PR.

Amanda says, “People are tiring of the celebrity culture and are turning their interests to learning about other ordinary people’s extraordinary lives. I have seen a growing trend in people wanting to share their experiences, their traumas, their successes with the world but don’t know how, or don’t have the time to put it all down into words. I can help them with this.”

“They say everyone has a book in themselves and undoubtedly everyone has a story to tell. I can capture people’s life stories in a professional way, which can be passed down for generations in a meaningful series of memoirs. And one person’s story can help hundreds of others, They’re totally relatable which is what people crave at the moment.”

She added, “ Hiring me as your ghostwriter will not only save you time, but will also raise your profile faster, as you’re working with a media professional who understands how to get your message out to the widest audience in the fastest possible way. Plus there’s an art to telling a story. Non writers miss the structure of sentences and storytelling, it’s important to make your story flow and ultimately create the desire for other people to want to hear your tale.”

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