5 Best Text Summarizers to Use in 2022 for Free

Let’s say you are asked to write a summary on some large pdf or some text containing lots of information. One way to do that is to read it completely and highlight important lines and phrases. This process is very tiresome and time-consuming, and the risks of mistakes are very great.

In order to write a great summary, you need to make sure all the key points are included, and nothing is hidden or neglected. For this purpose, you can use several free online text summarizers.

With the help of these tools, you can convert large documents into small ones that contain all the necessary information that is relevant to you. These tools can help you quickly analyze any document so that it becomes easy to understand and remember.

Here are some of the best text summarizers that you can use to quickly convert and then understand longer texts and pdfs


This great online summarizer is absolutely free and it uses highly sophisticated AI to reduce your articles into different levels of summarization. With the help of this tool, you can convert the content by uploading the entire file or by just copy/pasting the information. You can access this tool without any signup or registration process to summarize your text an unlimited number of times.

This text summarizer can work with multiple languages and the process of conversion is actually quite simple. You can directly upload the files from Google Drive or some other cloud storage and then select the summarization length according to your needs.

The tool takes the security of your data very seriously and that is why it automatically removes your content once you are done summarizing the material.


Best Features

Allows you to upload content from your device, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Offers unlimited text summarization

You can select the length from the range slider

Can summarize content in Spanish, Turkish, Italian, German, etc.,

Its AI text summarizer ensures accurate and relevant text output


Summarizing Tool

This great text summarizer shows input and output text side by side so that you can make a better comparison. You can choose options like best lines or bullets, which allows you to separate the most crucial parts of the text for better understanding.

This tool offers a clear button that you can use to remove your text once you are finished with the summarization part. Just like in previous tools, this text summarizer also allows you to select summarization length.

This tool uses AI to scan your entire text for the best lines and key points that contain the main theme. This free tool offers very few ads and it doesn’t store any of your data ensuring 100% safety.


Best Features

Offers more choices to modify the final output

This summarizer has no daily limit or word limit

It is very quick, accurate, and secure

It offers bullets and the best lines for better readability

Preserves the original theme behind the text



This is an extremely simple, basic, yet effective summarization tool that can save a bunch of your time and energy. The customization features of this tool make it highly effective both for academic and non-academic purposes.

It allows you to fix the number of lines in which you want to summarize your text. There is also a settings option where you can adjust certain parameters like quick transitions, heat map, questions, exclamations, etc.

All these options allow this tool to perform highly accurate summarization. This secure summarizer has a very fast loading speed which saves your time and allows you to create better content.


Best Features

You can change the summarization settings

You can summarize the file by uploading or by posting a URL

You can select the exact number of lines in the output text

Can be used for pdf as well as text files

Offers a fast, smooth, and secure summarization experience



This great text summarizer can work with SEO content, history and scientific texts, and other pdf and text files. You can choose among normal, half, high, and extreme levels for summarizing the text according to your needs.

You can use this tool to summarize over 5000 characters which saves time. There is also an erase button at the bottom which allows you to remove the content once you have summarized it.

This way the tool ensures that your information stays secure and no one is able to access it using any means.


Best Features

This text summarizer is easy, quick, and free of charge

It offers unlimited text summarization

There are very few ads and popups to disrupt the summarization

Can handle large txt as well as pdf files

Can be used to summarize academic and non-academic content with high accuracy


Monkey Learn  

Monkey learn is another great text summarizer that comes with a very friendly UI. You can signup on to this tool for free to get the latest updates and other exclusive services.

This is an efficient tool that shows both the real and summarized content on the same screen. There is no limit to the number of times you can summarize using this tool for free.

The tool follows a strict security policy and makes sure that you are never at any risk of data theft. With this tool, you can convert your long and complex data into something simple and concise which increases the readability and understanding.


Best Features

The user interface is quite fun and interactive

The somatization speed is great

Simple tool with several text modification features

Offers the best security and privacy

No need to register to summarize the text


Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the best text summarizers that you need to check out right now. All of these tools have been selected for their immaculate performance and overall great user experience.

With these tools by your side, you will never have to worry about wasting your time and energy reading lengthy material line by line to get the main idea. We really hope this stuff helps and we urge you once again to use these tools for better results.

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