What Is The Best Mobile Operating System For Playing Mobile Slots?

Modern people live with a fast pace of life. They are always in a hurry and have very little time for their hobbies. The development of mobile devices became a way out because such gadgets allow enjoying your favorite pastime wherever you are. It especially concerns those who are fond of online gaming.

The fans of Internet gambling were delighted when more and more gaming facilities started offering mobile versions. Thanks to the development of HTML5 technologies, all the popular casino games became accessible to mobile users. However, there’s still a question, which devices are more comfortable for mobile gambling? In our article, we will observe the issue of mobile gambling and define the best and most suitable operating system for gambling.



What’s Mobile Gambling?

Mobile gambling denotes a type of activity, which includes playing various gambling games on a tablet or smartphone with the help of an Internet connection. Today’s online gaming establishments are very advanced and created with technologies, which make it possible to access gambling services from both PCs and mobile devices.

There exist various kinds of mobile gaming platforms:

  • With a mobile in-browser version
  • With an app

In the first case, a gaming facility is called instant-play. There’s no need to download any software to get access to your favorite games. All you need is to open a browser used on your device and then open a casino site. Such casinos are adapted for smartphones and tablets and are comfortable to use.

In the second case, a gambling club can be accessible on a mobile device only when its app is downloaded and installed. One of the examples of such a gaming establishment might be found here: https://www.slotsup.com/7-seas-casino-app-a-great-way-to-play-casino-games-on-the-go. Apps will require storage space. However, they look very user-friendly and are convenient when it concerns transactions and other functions of the casino.

Besides, there’re gaming clubs, which offer both options. It means that you can either play in a browser or download an app. Just note that never mind, whether you play in a mobile browser or via an app, it’s required to have a strong Internet connection to be able to enjoy the best games.


Which Games Are Accessible on Mobile Devices?

Today, punters can enjoy almost any kind of option, which is accessible at Internet casinos, on their smartphones and tablets. The following services guarantee stable functioning:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Slot machines
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Scratch card games
  • Sports betting, etc.

The most popular games among mobile gamblers are pokies. It’s due to the easy rules, comfortable adjustments, which are easy to use on a small device, and small bets, which allow for winning great prizes.

Just remember that when the gaming facility offers to download an app, it should be created for the operating system your device uses. The most reputable Internet casinos offer different apps for Android and iOS gadgets.


The Issue of the Operating System: iOS vs Android

These two operating systems are the leaders across the world. Since the first day of their creation, they have competed with each other for the right to be called the best one. Nevertheless, the war still continues, while every OS has an army of fans.

With the development of mobile gambling, the war transferred to the world of online casinos. It’s due to the fact that the fans of gambling can be found among both iOS and Android users. We aren’t going to speak about subjective points of view. Let’s concentrate on factual differences:


Android apps iOS apps
Downloaded from Google Play Downloaded from Apple Store
Stronger policy towards real-money gaming apps (the exceptions are France, Ireland, and UK-focused gaming clubs) More progressive point of view concerning real-money gaming apps (for the majority of countries)
There’re no strict requirements concerning programming language for developers (HTML is usually used due to simplicity and affordability) Developers are to create apps with the help of the iOS native programming language


Considering all the requirements offered by each OS, casino operators became less positive about iOS apps. Many of them even abandoned the idea of the creation of a separate app for Apple devices. The majority of gaming facilities now offer apps only for mobile devices based on the Android operating system. There’s still good news that all apps added to the Apple Store before the implementation of strong requirements concerning the programming language can be further available for users. Besides, there’re operators eager to attract a wider audience, so they are ready to meet all the requirements of Apple and continue the development of apps for punters with iOS devices.

Fairly speaking, the Android operating system is more flexible and comfortable for playing casino games. The apps are easier and cheaper to develop. In what concerns visual effects and themes of pokies and other games, both operating systems offer a wonderful mobile gambling experience, excellent graphics, and pleasant sound effects. Thus, it’s only up to the punter to decide, which OS is the best to play slot machines. It’s more about personal preferences than about unbiased differences.



Mobile gambling becomes more popular every year. Striving for perfection in the development of modern devices allows casino software providers to offer advanced pokies and other games, which have extremely high quality and diverse functions.

By now, Android has about 75% of the mobile market, while Apple can enjoy just around 25%. It means that Android devices are still more popular for gambling. And it’s possibly due to the milder requirements for the apps, which can be added to Google Play.

Nevertheless, the experience in mobile pokies and other amazing gambling games is the same exciting. Thus, every user has the right to decide, which OS is better. Even if there’s no app, it’s always possible to play in a mobile browser. That’s why make your choice and enjoy top games.

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