Why Are MOTs Important?

MOTs (Ministry of Transport) are a legal requirement in the UK, which first off means that no matter how someone feels about them, they still need to be done. However, there is a good reason as to why they have been made mandatory.

MOTs play a crucial role in the health and safety of your car and its passengers, and this piece is going to take a look at how and why!

Read on to find out more!

What is an MOT for?

When you drive any vehicle, you are responsible for its health and safety when it is on the road. This is the case whether you have a motorcycle or a lorry.
In order to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive, it is ordered by law that it must have an MOT annually that has passed.

An MOT is essentially a rigorous test of a vehicle to make sure it passes checks that confirm the vehicle meets both the road safety and environmental standards.

Different ages of cars have different rules when it comes to the MOT. If you have bought your car brand new, then you will not need to give it an MOT for three years. If your car is more than three years old, it requires an MOT every year. If you are looking at buying your car second-hand, it is a good idea to do an MOT History Check before purchasing.

What does an MOT entail?

An MOT service entails several different checks that need to be completed on a vehicle.

These include:

  1. Checking the body, vehicle structure, and the general aspects of the vehicle. Making sure there is no harmful corrosion, any damage, or anything that can cause injury, such as sharp edges.
  2. The fuel system will need to be checked to make sure there are no leaks, that the cap is secure, and to make sure there is no damage to the pipes. Everything needs to be secure and in good condition to be safe on the road.
  3. Checking the exhaust system is essential to make sure it is in good condition. If it is too noisy or leaking, there is a sign that something is not quite right.
  4. Brakes are a crucial aspect of any vehicle, and they need to be tested to assess their performance. They need to be safe, operational and also be tested for their condition. Worn brakes can be very dangerous, and will not operate as well as they should, which could cause an accident or injury.
  5. Checking tyres and wheels will also be part of an MOT as they need to be in good condition to be safe on the road.

The Bottom Line

MOTs are there to ensure that you are able to drive your vehicle, not only legally but also safely. These checks ensure that your car is not a danger to yourself or others, and that it is safe to drive. Always keep on top of when your MOT is due to ensure your safety on the road.

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