Top Tips for Online Casino Slot Beginners

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games and are great for beginner players, as they are easy to play and involve little to no strategy to win. But now thanks to the quick gameplay and exciting graphics of modern online Slots, there are so many different versions available, which can be hard for a newbie to know where to begin.

So, we’ve put together our top tips to guide you through when you start playing those fun and exciting online casino Slots.

  1. Choose the game that suits you best

The first thing to do as a beginner is the find the slot game that you think you will enjoy the most when playing. Whether that’s your favourite film-themed game or a classic retro version with those famous fruit symbols. Try to consider what it is you want from the game as well – is it the huge jackpot opportunities of a Jackpot King slot or are you looking for a game that’s quick and easy with frequent small wins?

Did you also know that the number of reels varies between the games? Something else that you can choose between, with the majority being three or five-reel games. Take the time to read through the slot’s description to find out exactly what it involves and how to play it, to see if it tickles your fancy.

  1. Take advantage of bonus features

The joy of online Slots means that there are plenty of fabulous bonuses up for grabs, from multiplier symbols to scatter symbols that take you to an extra mini-game – meaning there’s even more pay-outs and prizes up for grabs. So, check out what features the slot game includes to add to the excitement of playing

In video slots, the feature may include a ‘pick’em’ bonus game, which means when you match the right symbol, it will take you to another screen, where you can choose from the appropriately themed icons to reveal your bonus prize – or in some cases match them to win certain bonuses.

Another bonus feature you may come across is the opportunity of free spins – which is exactly that – the chance to spins the reels without spending your coins, so in theory increasing your chances of a win without any additional wagers.

As always, it’s up to you as the player to find out which type of bonus is your favourite when playing slots, so try to them all first to find out.

You can also read the slot’s pay table to fully understand these special features and the symbols that unlock them, as the pay table will include all the symbols and their values, how many you need in a line to win, which ones represent the wild and scatter, and what exactly makes a winning combination. This can sway your decision for which game to play as some Slots may pay-out more than others in terms of the value of their symbols, the number of pay-lines, the additional bonus symbols and what it takes to get a win.

  1. Sign up clubs and promotions

This is possibly the easiest and most important tip for a Slots beginner – always sign up for the online casino’s club before you start playing. As a newbie, you could be entitled to lots of enticing bonuses and free spins just for being new! And usually, it doesn’t cost you a single thing. What’s not to like?

From then on, once the beginner’s honeymoon stage wears off, you can still be in the loop for future special offers or earn bonuses through further playing, if you stay as a casino club member. You can also check out the promotions page on the casino site, as there is usually a new and exciting offer that can help you enjoy playing your favourite Slots even more, as well as giving you a good chance of winning.

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