Roulette wheel layouts explained

With your favourite online casinos bringing out more and more ways to play, they’ve even begun offering live Roulette online gaming, to bring the thrill of the classic game to your very own living room! With all this hype around Roulette, now’s the best time to brush up on the various layouts of the devil’s wheel, so you’re ready for anything when you place that first bet!

European Roulette wheel

The European edition of the game is perhaps the most popular of all the variations, across both land-based and online casinos. You’ll find 36 numbers around the wheel, that are then split into columns of 12, with a single zero pocket between them, making the total number of coloured segments 37. The zero pocket is green, whilst the regular numbers alternate between black and red.

The addition of the zero to the wheel gives the casino a bigger house edge – which is essentially your chances of losing – as if the ball lands in the zero pocket, then any bets you’ve placed on the numbers or colours will lose you your wager!

American Roulette wheel

Just like almost everything, Americans like to do things bigger and better than everyone else, and Roulette is no different! The American edition of the wheel features a second green zero pocket, in the form of the double zero.

From the player’s point of view, the American wheel isn’t the best option out there. With two zeros, the house edge becomes even greater, therefore lowering the odds. The order of the numbers on the wheel are also different, in comparison to the its European cousin.

French Roulette

The French edition of the classic game uses the European wheel, but players have more than just the single zero going in their favour. If the little white ball lands on the green zero pocket, you’ll still stand a chance of bagging a slight profit, or at least some of your money back!

It all depends on where you choose to play, as the rules may differ. If the La Partage rule is in operation, then a single zero will dish out half of what you wagered. If the En Prison rule has been set, then all chips that have been locked in place on either red or black, or odd or even, will remain for another spin. Then, if you win that round, you’ll get your money back, otherwise your chips will be lost after all.

Triple Zero Roulette wheel

This version of the game is a lot less common than the rest. If you manage to find it, then expect to find a third zero on the wheel. In turn, this makes your chances of winning even lower, however if you do manage to bag yourself a win, you’ll be looking at even better payouts!

The original purpose of the Triple Zero Roulette was for casinos to raise money for charity, which makes sense as you’re a lot more likely to lose money playing this version than win it, so you may as well do your bit for the less fortunate whilst you’re at it!

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