The weirdest phones in history – would you use any of them?

Fantastic things have happened in the mobile phone industry in recent years, screens have grown, secondary screens have appeared, there are even foldable phones, but there have been ideas that have been very striking, one for this reason and the other for a completely different reason. However, throughout the years they realize that not any idea is a good idea. We will now show some of the most interesting, out-of-the-box phones. If you like being standing out, you may even consider getting some of them.

Sharp Aquos Phone The Hybrid 007SH

The Japanese manufacturer tried his luck in 2011 with a model whose name everyone is tired of saying, a planet they have just discovered is not associated with so many words and codenames. But Sharp did it, in the form of an unlockable device that was still running Android 2.3, or Gingerbread. It was waterproof and had a secondary, miniature OLED panel.

The primary screen already had better features: 480 x 854 pixels appeared at 3.4 inches. What was a big number was the 16-megapixel camera mounted on the back, it recorded videos in 720p, it was a really good design at the time. In addition to the exterior, even the weight and size were staggering, not even close to the sleekness of today’s devices.

Fujitsu LOOX F-07C

Another Japanese racer follows, namely a monster hybrid, the top of which had to be pushed upwards to bring out the QWERTY keyboard. The one, however, was the dual-boot system, running Windows 7 and Symbian on 4-inch, 600 x 1024 pixels, an Intel Atom processor, and 1 GB of RAM.

Windows booted from the 32GB storage, and the phone even came with a 2GB microSD that included the aforementioned Symbian. This device didn’t start among the featherweight either, as it weighed 218 grams.


Japan has been at the forefront of the oddities, although perhaps not so surprising, we don’t necessarily have to cling to mobiles to make it clear. He, on the other hand, had a pretty cool phone, a colorful individuality that promised a 3.7-inch qHD (yes, a quarter of an HD) resolution display and bore Android 2.3.

A mobile wallet was also installed for the 2011 product, and even a leather case could be requested. But who invented the name is a great question, but it certainly wouldn’t get praise from us.

Versace Unique

Versace is one of the benchmarks in the subject, as they have literally come up with a unique offer. The 18-carat gold-plated, ceramic, and hand-crafted casing conjured an absolutely premium-class phone in front of your eyes, and at the time we didn’t even talk about the 3-inch panel protected by sapphire crystal glass.

Unique was developed in collaboration with LG, who were also busy with the KE850 Prada, only taking the iPhone away from it in moments.

Bang & Olufset Serene

However, the title of the strangest phone was won by Bang & Olufset’s mobile phone, famous for its audio products, in 2005. It was hard to tell from the device what inspired them, the fold-down models or those with a dialer. The icing was the $ 1,000 price tag on the cake, so asking for so much money was simply cheeky.

Oh no, the foam was put on the base price tag, and the point on I was the $ 100 surcharge they asked for the touchpad. At today’s price, for 330 thousand forints, you could buy pretty good things at the time, which made a thousand times more sensitive than that.

Wrap Up

Back then when the technology wasn’t as thriving the only purpose for the phone manufacturers was to stand out in creativity and innovation. Today things are a bit more complicated. There are new ideas today as well, like the Galaxy Z flip, which is an innovation in the phone industry. However, nowadays when creating a new phone the sole purpose is to give the very best user experience to the user.  This means to have a high-resolution screen, with a high fresh rate and still have enough battery for the day. It’s a quite challenging thing for the engineers. But they are doing a great job, we can watch our favorite Netflix shows or play online slots on bigger and bigger screens. And who knows what comes next? AR phones, holographic phones? We’ll see…

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