Top Tips to Make an Income from Streaming

There are two things that everyone should know regarding live streaming in 2021. The first is that, while there is much going on, live streaming isn’t just about playing fun games and asking others to watch you while you do it. The second, and perhaps more essential point is that for many people, live streaming is more than simply a pastime to stream your hobbies – it’s a legitimate source of income. It’s gotten to the point where a lot of individuals can call it a day job.

Starting a live stream is indeed really simple. It’s also true that some individuals make money by streaming, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t learn how to do it as well. Because of how standard live streaming has grown, you might even be able to learn a thing or two from businesses that use it. It takes effort, energy, and that special something that makes people want to watch you live stream to get to the point where someone wants to pay you to do it. The people that make money through streaming are a tiny percentage of the population, but there’s always room for more! To encourage you to get you started and on your way, we have created a list of things for you to consider.

Create a Platform

Having your own platform is the most profitable approach to make money from live streams. Specifically, a live streaming service akin to Netflix.

This is a platform where you can do the following:

Host your live feeds

Charge a monthly subscription charge.

Take command of your marketing strategy.

100% of your earnings are yours to keep.

This is a scalable approach to getting paid for your live streams if you have a stream that people want to watch and a few fans who are prepared to pay to view it.

Run Advertisements

Yes, pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements have made their way into live video as well. The revenue is determined by the total number of individuals that see the ad. Facebook added the option to sell ads to live videos at the end of last year. During a live broadcast, certain streamers will be given a choice to take a short break and have an ad play in the meantime. The live broadcast will continue when users are shown a quick Facebook video ad. Unfortunately, not every content producer will be eligible: you must have at least 50,000 followers, have at least 300 concurrent viewers in a recent live video, and have a Facebook Page.

Selling Products

Consider selling your own products — think t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, and laptop covers — through a third-party site like TeePublic or Spreadshop if you have a loyal following. Set up a shop, fill it with things of your own design or curated from other sources, and promote it on your Twitch channel. For many people who live-stream video material, merch is a significant source of income. The streaming platforms have taken notice, offering a lot of guidance and some pretty fantastic tools to raise apparel sales.


You can solicit donations from your followers to allow you to spend more time entertaining. First, on your page, you might make a direct request for money. To do so, you’ll need to create a connection through PayPal, Stripe, or another online payment processing system. Then you’d make donation requests in your stream, providing Paypal or other payment information. Finally, you might establish a donation target and track your progress toward it. This serves as a motivator for your followers to support you along the way. However, there is one word of caution. There have been several instances of scammers making false donations. They donate but then file a chargeback, resulting in the streamer losing the gift and their reputation. Be truthful and transparent around all things financial.

Branding Partnerships

Brand collaborations and sponsorships, which are less controversial than traditional advertisements, are another option to work with firms in a mutually beneficial relationship. Brands will approach you with offers if you have a massive following on streaming platforms and have established a name for yourself. If they don’t, you’ll have to do it yourself. It pays to be professional and detail-oriented when dealing with brands whichever way these things play out. You’ll want to iron out the details of the arrangement to make sure you’re on the same page about your commitment.

Since its inception, the internet has provided many options for people to try new activities while also earning money. Similar to how blogging was popular a few years ago, live streaming is currently one of the most intriguing areas that you could explore. Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether you use one or all of the money-making options on this list. You may even want to try them out on multiple streaming platforms at once with the help of a multistreaming tool like Restream. But keep in mind that you’ll need to develop material that others want to view. In addition, you must ensure that your audience is maintained once you have built it. If you put in the work, you could be in for the time of your life.

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