The Demographics of Casino Players

In the world of gaming, developers have to understand their market before releasing a new title. Demographics are key in any industry and the world of video games is no different. Those who enjoy an action-packed military title may not want to take some downtime with a word puzzle.

The same principle applies to casino games which make up a huge part of the overall sector. Those who like a spin of the roulette wheel may take those spins in preference to a few hands of poker. Equally, there are those who like slots, keno, blackjack and a host of associated card games.

Experience Levels

Slot games offer perfect examples of how different games are targeted to different players. There are many thousands of titles available and new releases are added to the roster on a weekly basis. A huge range of themes are published including classic slots with nostalgic fruit imagery, right through to games that carry the name of the latest blockbuster movie.

Personal preference naturally plays an important role in terms of the theme. Those who, for example, are animal lovers in the real world might gravitate towards any of the jungle or zoo-based releases.

Statistics show at this point that those who are new to slots tend to be attracted to games with a fun theme. Titles based on board games, TV shows and films also gain attention. Meanwhile, those players with more experience will, in contrast, look more at the mechanics behind the game. What is the jackpot involved and does it pay out more regularly on average than some of the other titles on the schedules?

Ticking the Boxes

One study looked at online casino play in more general terms. It wanted to understand the age brackets and the genders of those who were taking part. As a very general point, the findings revealed that the majority of players were male and they fell into the 25-44 age bracket.

The survey used a small sample of people (less than 800) but it’s a relatively good starting point that could easily be expanded. Gambling has generally been seen as the preserve of younger men and those studies seem to back up the theory. However, they may also be backing up the sort of stereotyping that doesn’t actually exist in the modern online era.

Going Against the Trend

Players at this online casino will be represented by all ages and genders. We’ve seen that the overall gambling sector has a tendency towards males in a small age group but that’s not necessarily the case if we narrow things down.

By looking at specific games, we can get a better understanding of who is actually playing certain titles. In regard to poker, this is one game that is certainly going against that overall trend.

Studies suggest that more and more young people are switching on to high stakes poker tournaments. So called ‘millennials’ are drawn to this type of play but why should that be the case?  An obvious conclusion to draw here is that there is the potential for a recreational player to transform into a poker professional who can make a living out of their favourite pastime. It may be rare for an amateur poker player to hit the big time but there are many examples of online players making the step up to the pro tables.

There’s something of a parallel to eSports here and that’s a genre that really is specifically for the younger generation. With six figure sums at stake for the best players of Fortnite, League of Legends and others, eSports can offer a career path for a lucky few and that can also be the case with poker.

A Social Affair

Online casinos have worked hard to mimic the offerings that have traditionally been provided in the physical world for decades. Real life dealers and croupiers have been introduced into an online setting to replicate that true ‘live’ experience.

Other companies have looked to introduce a social element to their games and this is where another demographic has been targeted. Casinos do attract a female audience and there are indications that the most popular online game in this respect is bingo. A night at the bingo hall was traditionally a great social occasion and one that made a regular appearance in the diaries of many women across the country.

The rise of online play has unfortunately led to the closure of some bingo halls and this social gap is an element that operators have been anxious to maintain. With chat rooms attached to many games, it is possible to keep in touch with old friends and to potentially make some new ones.

Keeping it Real

This community factor is generally associated with bingo, but it can also extend to card games as well. The typical demographic for this would be women between the ages of 25 and 54 but it’s a phenomenon that can attract players of all ages and genders.

Once again, that same 25-54 age group has appeared, and statistics do back up the fact that the majority of casino revenue comes from this demographic. However, online operators attract a broad spectrum of customers and the casinos that outperform the competition are the ones that cater for a wider range of players.

A diverse set of games is one key path to success and that’s why casinos will always look to offer the best possible all-round package.

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