Jewellery is a traditional gift used as a symbol of affection and respect, and a necklace is the most meaningful of all jewellery.  Worn around the neck, they can demonstrate your interests, remind yourself and others of faith, or simply serve as the centerpiece of an entire outfit. Neck accessories are closer to the heart than others, so choosing them as a gift is a transparent and effective way to express your feelings to another person. But finding the right one may take a while, especially if you do not know where to look.

Assortment Overview

Neck jewellery comes in a variety of designs, and you definitely need an overall picture to make a good choice. F Jewellery offers hundreds of beautiful pieces for men and women to choose from. The catalogue provides you with a detailed description including the most important characteristics and a high-resolution photo for each item to make comparing different necklaces much easier. The selection features a wide selection of styles and materials:

  • lockets – touching, sentimental trinkets which contain the image of a loved one or a family portrait inside, this miniature necklace may become a perfect gift for your partner or any family member;
  • hearts – another way to show affection and love, heart-shaped neck jewellery are adored by both children and adult women, so be sure to consider this option for someone special in your life;
  • crosses – a timeless classic, these little crucifixes are a sign of your firm faith and the perfect gift for true Christians which can be combined with almost any outfit, whether formal or casual;
  • initials – necklaces in the form of letters or entire names are extremely popular, a nice and inexpensive

There are many other shapes and styles, so be sure to browse the entire catalog. If you do not like browsing through hundreds of items manually, go directly to the page “Trends”, which lists all the successful purchases. That way, you can find out what other customers prefer. If you are looking for a present, there is a special item on the menu that allows you to recommend which jewellery will be appropriate for a particular event, whether it is a wedding, birthday or christening.

Most neck accessories are aimed at women. Initials are a universal solution: buy the first letter of your beloved’s name covered in diamonds for just £175 and she will love it. If money is tight, buy a zodiac necklace: it costs around £80. Moreover, there are great ideas for men too – present your boyfriend a gold boxing glove that screams masculinity: thanks to the sale, it costs just £360. There is also a cool 9K gold dog tag necklace for £650 – a modest price for such a stylish piece.

Your Choice

Sort items by prices or types – and buy them in a few clicks. If you suddenly feel lost, do not hesitate to contact the F Jewellery team. They will help you choose the right item or tell you about return policies, payment options and any other question about the collection.

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