The Best Way For Employers To Pay People Who Are Not On Their Payroll

As a business owner, you’ll face a lot of troubles and problems and you’re constantly thinking in a problem-solving manner. Whilst paying your employees shouldn’t be a difficult task to do, the opposite is proven constantly. Setting up a payroll system is an absolute necessity if you’re running a business and have people working for you, ensuring their paystub is correct at each appropriate payment period. Something that is quickly overlooked, however, is how you can pay for people who aren’t necessarily on your payroll. Think of volunteers, research participants, or short-term laborers who are helping out on a project.

How Does A Payroll System Work?

Essentially, a payroll system is a program that allows you to pay your employees who are contracted to work for you or your organization. These are people you are paying on a monthly or regular basis, and are fully registered with your business. A payroll system allows you to keep track of your employees’ working hours, how much tax they owe, and other important financial information. A payroll system must be well secured, as it holds all information about your employees, including their full name, date of birth but also bank details, and payment insights.

If your business regularly hires people outside of your payroll department, this can cause trouble when it comes to paying them. One-off expenses can be a pain to get paid and often create a difficult situation for both parties. As these people aren’t officially hired by your company, they don’t need to be on your payroll; however, you may still be required to pay them or pay expenses.

Examples Of People Who Aren’t On Your Payroll

You may wonder why you should be paying people who aren’t on your payroll. After all, you haven’t officially hired them so is there a reason to be paying them? If you regularly work with volunteers, you may be familiar with expenses such as public transport or gas money, paying for their lunch, or reimbursement for advance payments. If your business is in the medical sector, you have likely worked with research participants. These people often work with you on a one-off basis but still require payment. And don’t forget about freelancers! Whilst you may include freelancers in your payroll system in some situations, most of the time you’ll have to pay them separately which can cause more trouble.

How To Pay People Who Are Not On Your Payroll

So, how can you pay people who aren’t listed on your payroll? If you’re looking for a painless, worry-free, easy, and quick way to do this, we recommend looking into a platform such as vHelp. This is a platform that allows you to reimburse anyone who works for you on an Adhoc basis or isn’t included on your payroll. It doesn’t matter who you’re paying, or if it’s a one-off or regular payment; anyone can be paid through vHelp. Through vHelp, employers can reimburse payments to volunteers, research participants, or freelancers within 24 hours and in a secure way. It reduces your payment processing admin time by as much as 88% – which means you can spend your precious time on more fun or important tasks!

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