Industrial Door Solutions For Cold Storage

If you are in the cold storage business, you are likely to be fully aware of the sensitive nature of the goods you handle. Choosing the right industrial doors for cold storage and temperature-sensitive areas is essential. It’s vital to maintain optimum safe temperatures in the controlled area and ensure that temperature fluctuation when people leave or enter when loading or unloading goods are kept within safe levels.


Taking care of entry and exit points

Whether it’s product storage, manufacturing or distribution, you must ensure that entry and exit to the cold zones is quick and easy for employees and equipment to carry out essential business. You must limit as far as possible any exposure to temperature variation from any adjoining areas and the outside to keep a consistent and safe temperature for your goods. 

Choosing the most suitable industrial doors for temperature-controlled areas is likely to require expert advice from leading suppliers of industrial doors such as Hormann to ensure you are getting just the right fit for your needs. It’s essential to consider the type of doors and how your business uses the areas so work is unhindered for all employees and equipment. 

Many industrial doors can be supplied pre-fitted with insulation necessary for cold storage facilities or have the option to add further insulation measures such as strip curtains.

Any industrial door solution must be quick to open and close to ensure minimum temperature exchange with neighbouring areas. Adding a strip curtain to the inside makes it possible to use many industrial doors where it is impossible to fit fully insulated cold storage doors or within internal areas where a solid door is not practical.

Industrial doors for cold storage in food facilities

When your business involves food at any stage of its life, your choice of industrial doors should help you comply with food safety standards. Quality doors, door leaves or strip curtain combinations will close swiftly and offer insulation to keep food preparation, storage and manufacturing areas protected against harmful temperature changes, drafts, and humidity.


Stainless steel industrial doors – these are highly suitable for food hygiene protection. Their resistance to bacterial build-up provides a hygienic environment that can be temperature controlled for cold storage using additional strip curtains or insulation.

Loading bays and houses – industrial dock loading bays and houses allow the loading and unloading of goods in a controlled environment to protect the unit’s integrity against changes in humidity, temperature, and pests. Docking before opening doors protect closed cold chains, and they can be fitted to many openings, working particularly well with loading houses.

Energy-saving thermal insulated doors – when fitted to any internal or external area, will help maintain temperature control in closed cold chains. Exterior loading doors can be fitted in front of the dock leveller.

High-speed doors – these are suitable for both inside and exterior use. These can be used with sectional doors, rolling shutters and spiral doors. Options to open or close horizontally or vertically and have a transparent door with a flexible curtain all assist with maintaining room conditions whilst optimising traffic flow. 

Double action doors – Double action door leaves optimise traffic flow both in and out of the cold storage facility, whether by people or forklift traffic. Door leaves specifically for temperature control offer protection from -40oc to +40oc.

Strip curtains – Strip curtains are suitable for independent use to protect cold storage areas within a larger facility or to reduce temperature loss when placed inside other industrial doors. Strip curtains are regularly used within food, pharmaceutical and cold store areas as a low-cost solution offering minimum energy loss.

While we have given you ideas on some of the choices for cold storage or climate-sensitive areas here, we would always advise taking advice from experts to ensure you make high-quality choices. 

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