If you are here, reading this review in lieu of a paper, then it is pretty evident that you are looking for just the right website builder. Building a website can be pretty tough for most people and more so due to the unavailability of reliable website builders. Certainly, many companies claim to offer unbeaten website building services but do they actually follow suit? Not really (smh).

Squarespace is a company in a vast sea of website building services that undoubtedly follows suit. Not only does it know how to fish consumers with its super eye-catching homepage but also provides a service which matches the standards of some of the very popular sites such as Wix and WordPress. It was initially started as a blog-hosting service by Anthony Casalena in 2004 and within a course of a few years made over a million dollars and in almost no time, it was all about cool templates and even cooler drag-and-drop features.

Let’s get into a detailed Squarespace review.

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Considering that Squarespace initially began as a blog-hosting site, it is the best choice in this domain particularly. They have numerous blog-supporting features such as multi-author functionality, feature-rich commenting feature, AMP support, and you can also schedule your posts! There are features that let you host podcasts on your blog as well.


With over a 100 “cool” templates that are optimized in a way that work super smoothly for both tablets and phones, Squarespace is undoubtedly giving some competition. Its “Site Styles” menu is next level, because not only does it let you customize your site in whatever ways you want, but also manages the slightest details such as fonts, sizes, images in best possible ways. These templates are mostly based on the images that the website builder provides, so you are always free to use them or switch to different ones.


Squarespace currently has 4 apps that work on mobile phones / tablets, one of which―simply called “Squarespace” is available for both iOS and android. The mobile version of Squarespace works pretty much the same way as the desktop version does, meaning: you can easily edit your website / blog / store with just a few taps.


Squarespace happens to have a live chat feature which works 24/7. So, in case you need any tech support or if your version of Squarespace malfunctions, you know exactly what to do!


$12 ― If your site is blog-related (personal)

$18 ― If your site is business-related. It adds a few marketing features that help you keep track of your sales such as Announcement bars and Pop-Ups with a transaction fee of only 3%.

$26 ― An updated version of your business site minus the transaction fees.

$40 ― This includes all the features that Squarespace has to offer. This is the best plan for an advanced ecommerce site.

Whilst Squarespace may seem like the dream website builder, it still has its cons. It is a pretty good site builder as long as the site doesn’t demand deep menu order, which is why it doesn’t support multilingual sites. Google’s Page Speed Tool has rated Squarespace templates low but apart from that it is a pretty good option for a medium-grade site.

In a vast sea of site builders, Squarespace happens to be a decent option for people who are looking forward to showcase their talents such as writing, singing, baking or any other. It is just as good for someone who has just gotten started with a small business and wishes to proceed to an online store.

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