Skills That An Azure Expert Should Master

Starting with, who exactly is an Azure Expert? A Professional who has mastered Azure, the 2nd largest Cloud service provider currently. Azure offers you various services that are game-changing in the cloud domain.

But is Azure Expert a person? No! Never can be a single person because the cloud is ever-evolving and has become so huge that it needs various people to helm it in the right direction. So, the skills that an Azure Expert acquires from Microsoft Azure training needs to have in their kitty varies between designations. For example, Azure has various roles to offer, and they are:

  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Solutions Architect, etc.

And many more roles catering to each aspect of the cloud that clients are using for making their operations flexible and reliable. Each role here focuses on making the platform easy to access, use, and roll out features. So, let’s discuss each of the top skills that these roles demand.

Who is Azure Administrator?

A professional who knows how to implement, monitor, and maintain Azure solutions is an Azure Administrator. Azure Admins also take care of important services like compute, security, storage, and network.

These four major services define the fundamental blocks of any cloud service like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Provider (GCP), etc.

What Skills do Azure Admins need?

  1. Compute: Azure Admins associate with Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), which is to run Virtual Machines (VMs) within the cloud. You should have sound knowledge of Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSpeher. You may dwell in container technology (Docker) and its orchestration (Kubernetes). You should have abilities to perform deployment of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop or Azure Virtual Desktop and monitor them with right tools.
  2. Network: You need to have a good understanding of concepts of Networking, such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP), as the underlying Azure Network stack is invisible to you. Every Azure Admin must know these things to ace the Network part: Configuring and deploying virtual networks. How to orchestrate routing paths especially, in a Hybrid cloud setup? Must be aware of the Public and Private IP addresses for VMs and other Azure resources.
  3. Storage: Storage is unlimited in cloud computing, and you can use it to store database files, applications data, VM Virtual Hard disks (VHDs) with scale. Some of the core tasks for Admins in terms of storage are: Preventing unauthorized data access. Must back up data to enable efficient restoration upon needed. Should configure long-term archival storage meeting corporate compliance.
  4. Security: If you are administering a Public cloud, then you must keep your company’s data secure at all times because you are storing data at someone else’s infrastructure. Since Azure follows cloud computing’s shared responsibility model, Azure Admins must use the security controls available. Some skills that you must master to keep Azure secure are: Protect Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts to prevent any form of compromisation. Must encrypt data every time, whether in use, transit, even at rest.

Who is an Azure Developer?

Azure Developer creates and deploys applications for Azure using cloud architecture and partners with Cloud Administrators and DBA’s to implement solutions for clients.

The most valuable skills for an Azure Developer are:

  1. Experience with Azure platform for creating cost-effective and scalable solutions. You have to script environments and choose the right services that check all the boxes, etc.
  2. You need to have sound knowledge of Microsoft products and apps like Office 365, Powershell, etc. will integrate with Azure.
  3. If you wish to become an Azure Developer, you need to be proficient in JavaScript, HTML5, SQL Server, etc. will help you in developing Azure apps.

You could become an Azure Developer who can create, deploy, maintain web applications and cater and implement solutions to different needs just by taking up an industry-range Azure Developer certification.

Who is Azure Solutions Architect?

Azure Solutions Architect is a professional who knows about Azure stack inside-out, designs Azure architecture, translates business requirements into scalable and cost-effective solutions. They must have expertise in storage, network, and security to build profitable architectures.

Crucial skills that an Azure Solutions Architect must master are:

  • Proficient in Programming Languages like HTML, SQL, Java, Python, etc.
  • Proficiency in implementing Azure infrastructure, data platforms, security, and management solutions.
  • Sound knowledge of Azure platform in designing data storage, infrastructure, business continuity, identity and security features, etc.
  • Soft skills like good communication and interpersonal skills, etc., will help through client requirements and solutions.

The Solutions Architect role is quite popular in the cloud domain, and you can acquire this certification by passing Azure’s AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams to be designated Azure Certified Solutions Architect. And for that, you can easily crack the exam by taking up the Azure architect certification course. This course gives you access to many practical industry-grade projects offering you with necessary hands-on experience along with assignments for conceptual clarity.


Azure Cloud is a popular option in the hybrid cloud market. It is on the rise each year and stands at 50% according to a survey. So, Azure experts must have good skills in maintaining both on-premises set up and multiple cloud systems. Azure is 2nd largest cloud service provider after AWS but is quickly scaling up its operations and ramping up its services to give AWS a run for its money. So, if you wish to join Azure and help corporations make efficient usage of its services, then this is the right time to do so by taking Azure courses.

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