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Non-GamStop casinos have become more popular with UK punters after the UK Gambling Commission clamped down on the betting industry. Many have been looking for new options to regain their gaming freedom. Casinos not on GamStop are one of the most common options, but should you try them?

The attraction for British-based gamblers is to expand their options for funding, withdrawals and liberation from in-play rules. Over the last decade, the British betting industry saw a boom created by new technology and faster internet speeds, but the early freedoms have been curbed by bet size limits, limited bonuses, and the ban on credit card deposits.

For punters seeking casino sites not using GamStop, this article will discuss the key pros and cons.


GamStop Function and the UKGC Relationship

The GamStop scheme is a non-profit self-exclusion service for gamblers in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland). The organisation works alongside the UKGC, and bettors can sign up to the service for free. Those with a history of problem gambling can select an exclusion term and they will be blocked from using any gambling websites and apps in the UK for the length of their chosen term, which can be for up to five years.

With a growing number of sites in the United Kingdom, the scheme provides an opportunity to setup a blanket restriction across the country during times when they are emotionally struggling with the urge to gamble.

Customers only need to provide their current and former addresses, with any email addresses that were used to join betting sites in the past. The UKGC oversees the GamStop scheme and ensures that it suits their need for regulations.


How Non-GamStop Casinos Work

According to, the sites not using GamStop are those which have their business operations located outside of the UK and are not required to adhere to the UKGC rules.

These sites will still be regulated by a gaming authority in their own jurisdiction. Malta and Gibraltar were two popular destinations for gambling sites over the last few years, with some well-known UK companies having a presence in the latter. The Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar Gaming Division are responsible for companies trading there.

Casino sites in these countries are still a part of the EU banking system and are still held to a high standard of operations and KYC rules. The segregation of client funds from the business operations will be common, but one of the most important drawbacks of using these sites can be a lack of third-party support for dispute resolution. It will be up to each individual to determine whether this is an issue as those playing small sized bets may have never required dispute resolution.

UK punters have been increasingly moving to these sites because of the freedom that exists over the GamStop firms. Gaming companies in Britain have been forced to comply with extensive regulation, but the ‘one size fits all’ approach rarely benefits everyone. It is right that the UKGC tackles the issue of problem gambling, but they are driving away those that are more comfortable in their gaming habits, the in-game restrictions are watering down the fun factor of betting.

The sites not on GamStop will still have self-exclusion measures, but they will not be as strict as the five-year restrictions in the UK and will likely be reversible.


Can You Legally Play at Non-GamStop Casinos?

Yes, it is 100% legal for UK gamblers to sign up and play at non-GamStop casinos. Consumers in the UK still have freedom to choose services outside of the UK but the UKGC places restrictions on the ability of companies to market their services, so many do not know about them. 

It is important to understand that these sites can also provide a loophole to the GamStop rules. Gambling addiction is a serious issue in Britain and requires professional help. Users can still approach the non-UK sites to apply self-exclusion rules and bet limits.


Should You Try Out Non-UK Casinos?

There are many advantages to using the sites not operating in the UK. The UKGC are bending to political and social pressure with their strict regulations and that can also stop gambling businesses from thriving and supporting the economy. It is up to each consumer how they spend their money and the non-UK sites should not be seen as a loophole for the restrictions.

Using sites not on GamStop will offer access to a wider range of payment options, while the UK companies were forced to stop using credit cards as a funding option. The non-UK sites will also offer digital wallets, and even cryptocurrencies in many cases.


GamStop Sites vs Casinos Not on GamStop

Consumers have the right to choose and these choices always comes with pros and cons. This is our summary of the advantages and disadvantages to using overseas gambling sites:

GamStop Casinos


  • Trusted blue-chip companies
  • Strong support for problem gambling
  • GBP deposits as standard
  • Extensive consumer protection
  • Third-party support for disputes



  • Limits on stake sizing
  • Extensive KYC rules
  • Credit card deposits banned
  • No cryptocurrency support


Sites not on GamStop


  • Generous and frequent bonuses
  • Fewer limits and restrictions
  • Licensed by a gaming authority
  • Access to self-exclusion
  • Wide range of funding methods



  • May not offer GBP deposits
  • UK game titles may not be available
  • Can be exploited to avoid GamStop rules
  • No support for non-citizens


Our Conclusion for Casinos not on GamStop

For many experienced gamblers that are comfortable with their betting habits, the chance to switch over to non-UK casinos is very appealing. These sites will offer the freedom that existed in the UK gaming industry ten years ago, while they will still have the same gaming technology and user experience.

Bet sizes and deposits at the non-UK sites are free from restrictions, but there are other benefits in the form of regular and generous bonuses. The game selection in these sites are often more extensive than UK sites, and all of these benefits are due to the actions of the UKGC to clamp down on marketing and promotion in the country.

There are pros and cons with any consumer choice, but the advantages of using non-GamStop casinos can outweigh the disadvantages. Punters in the UK are free to sign up and try them out, with the experience likely similar to the UK industry before the new regulations were applied.

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