How Bingo Has Adapted To the Digital Age

Don’t you just get the feeling that everything is online nowadays?

Watching movies, paying bills and taxes, banking, socialising with friends and even one of the UK’s favourite pastimes, Bingo, is also embracing new technology.

While retail bingo halls might not be anywhere near the top when someone thinks of innovation, they have certainly kept up with modern trends. They have stood the test of time and are transitioning into the digital age, where you can play with trusted bingo sites like from the comfort of your home.


The Good Old Days

Bingo Halls have been a common sight for eyes in the UK for more than 70 years. Yes, this game with Italian origins has captured the hearts of many for so long. For example – by 1963 over 14 million UK residences had a bingo club account. The Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 was a major suspect for the skyrocketed popularity of bingo.


Time for a Change

So what facilitated the need for change? Quite simple – the advent of the Internet. It brought about many new conveniences and possibilities. In fact, the first online bingo website proved to be a massive success. Yes, they weren’t as refined as today (no chat rooms, no smooth transitions, callers), but it delivered the game within the palm of many.


Growing popularity

While the traditional stereotype is of senior citizens enjoying bingo (and that was to a large extent true), the game evolved to be popular with a younger demographic too. It is a social game and quite casual, bringing people of all walks of life together. Regardless of how the game develops in the future, it will remain, at its core, an activity that simply thrives our capacity to connect with one another. Even recently launched new slots sites at are sure to include bingo in their offering.


Classic appeal

As we previously stated – the traditional game will always have a substantial following due to the human need for connectivity. A sense of belonging, if you will. It is no surprise then that bingo has established a very tightly knit community. One in which winning is not the goal, it is having a good time. Often players will celebrate another’s win and that is something you do not really see with other games.


Social Media Buzz

And has that community taken advantage of social media? Why, yes, of course! Social Media has great reach and has been extensively used to organise bingo nights out, with many operators encouraging such moves. In the age, where such digital instruments are widely used to engage customers, it is truly remarkable that bingo halls and websites do not really have to do anything to drive interest – the players take care of that themselves.


Online Popularity

Why wouldn’t you enjoy a good bingo night with friends at the comfort of your home, especially given the current situation? Even more so, when players are faced with a real alternative of their preferred hall being closed. Another key aspect of the online popularity is that many online casinos and bingo operators offer enticing sign-up bonuses, great promotions & bonuses and captivating loyalty programmes to keep current players and attract more.


The Mobile Factor

In addition to embracing new technologies and innovative marketing ways, bingo has found a way to the mobile devices of many. It is really not a surprise, as in the past 20 years this has been a commonly observed trend. The main reason – convenience. Downloading an app takes mere minutes, so does the sign-up and depositing. You can do it virtually everywhere which essentially eliminates any travel costs. The regular bonuses, VIP clubs and prizes also seem to be a major selling point.


Equally important is that online bingo works great at both retaining customers as well as attracting new one. And the cherry on top – mobile apps and online bingo in general are most popular with the 25-34 age bracket, which in turn is great for shaking off the established image of bingo being a game for senior citizens


Future Developments

Advancements in technology have brought newfound popularity for the game and that in turn generates revenue. It is very likely that technology will be implemented to provide more options to players, while also retaining the profitability. Maybe VR or AR could be the next big thing, who knows? The idea of top-notch graphics and having the feeling of actually being in a bingo hall while sitting at your couch could be the next big thing.

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