New Zealand Sky City Moves Towards Online Gambling

Take it from those who know enough about gambling and casino betting. There is no worse situation for casino citizens and betting fans in general than when they are limited in options as regards platforms where they can place their bets. 

Maybe there is the worst situation, that will be to be caught in a monopolistic betting platform situation where you can only bet in one casino. Such a situation is very undesirable.

As well, nothing excites casino citizens and lovers of betting games more than the opening of more platforms where they can place their bets. For one, such a situation provides alternatives should there be a reason to consider a change. 

Plus, it again serves as a form of competition for other casinos as they must be able to retain their quality delivery and contest for us(the potential customers). That must be nice!

New Zealanders live in a similar situation as the latter scenario, all thanks to Sky City and Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GIG). These two brands in collaboration launched an online casino offering fast withdrawals in the country to bring down extra thrills to gamblers in New Zealand.

Welcome To New Zealand

On August 8, 2019, Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) commenced operations of this online casino, together with Sky City Malta (an underling of SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited (Sky City) its long-term Tier 1 ally based in New Zealand).

And effective from the launch date, the GiG will provide New Zealand betting lovers with a completely organized and regulated, topnotch online casino to give that state-of-the-art gambling experience. 

Thanks to the partnership between these two brands, as a New Zealander, you now have an online casino focused on proprietor commitment, assurance, pedigree, thrills and entertainment. This event of a new online casino is presently accessible to end-users in every part of New Zealand.

The declaration of this news comes shortly after GiG endorsed and finalized an agreement with Sky City on 21 May 2019 to deliver this completely organized and regulated online casino with a remedy to change the status quo. This online casino earned their gambling license almost immediately, so operations could begin. 

This new remedy, parades a self-contained steering technology and an adaptable architecture, with the addition of a unique specialized setting, and entirely regulated services, gaming scope and content cutting edge advancement, customer relationship management, compliance, and marketing. The GIG will supervise the online casino website from their base in Malta on behalf of Sky City.

Who Are The Parties Involved?

Sky City

Sky City is one of Australasia’s (the part of Australia on the Asian map) top gambling, hospitality and entertainment groups with casino structures of high standing, in both New Zealand and Australia. Sky City is a public company with shareholders in both New Zealand and Australia with an existing investment value of about NZ$3bn (€1.8bn).

Sky City has set its aim to be the golden standard for other outfits in gaming, hospitality and entertainment in its environments. This online casino brand has similarly set responsible gaming to be one of the front liners of its emphasis on staying top class and surviving as a respectable corporate citizen.

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG)

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. is a tech firm with its focus on delivering remedies, products and services as a major supplier in the whole iGaming industry. This company was established in 2012, and since then, their drive has been ‘To open up iGaming and make it fair and fun for all’.

The Motive For The Move

The creation of this new online casino is in a bid to level up with the present valuable demand for online gambling platforms even in the international market. Hence, the New Zealand online gambling world is going by the global movement for a robust and advancing expansion in online platforms. This is necessary as the needs of consumers keep changing and there seems to be a steady expansion in the tech world.

Based on the foregoing, this agreement is foreseen to give rise to a substantial favourable contribution to the revenues for GiG, starting from 2020 onwards.

What Do The Benefactors Have To Say?

Graeme Stephens, Chief Executive Officer of Sky City said: “This is an exciting day for SkyCity and one we have been working towards for some time alongside SkyCity Malta and our partner GiG. 

While ultimately a regulated online gaming market remains the preferred solution, the site launch is another step on our journey of pursuing opportunities to grow and diversify our earnings, addressing a new, fast-growing industry which is highly complementary to our land-based activities and offering customers a multi-channel gaming experience.”


And Robin Reed, Chief Executive Officer at GiG similarly said: “GiG is pursuing a strategy of becoming the global partner for strong brands in iGaming. SkyCity Entertainment Group is the largest and most reputable gambling and leisure firm in New Zealand. 

We are very proud to have been entrusted to provide our full suite of gaming services to them. It has been great to work with Graeme and his accomplished team and due to a great collaboration, we have managed to launch a state-of-the-art digital casino experience only two months after signing the agreement. 

We are looking forward to supporting SkyCity in its aspirations to provide the leading online gambling venue in New Zealand.”

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