You Got to Know This to Grab the Best iPhone Deal

The recent Apple iPhone 12 launch has triggered many aspirations. Loaded with faster and newer features like an improved and energy-efficient A14 Bionic Chip, updated cameras, enhanced Super Retina XDR displays, 5G wireless connectivity, a LiDAR sensor for an amazing augmented reality experience, it is aimed to thrill the iPhone enthusiasts.

While the outrageous pricing keeps it a tough row to hoe, however, selling your old iPhone can fetch you that much-needed support for this new baby.

There are several trade-in and buy-back options to sell iPhone 8 for cash online, but not each one is made equal. Apple recently slashed its prices for several MacBooks and iPhones, making the marketplaces more competitive and cut-throat.

With more than a decade in the used iPhone market, let’s tell you how can sell broken iPhone with a breeze.

Where and How Can You Get the Most For Your iPhone 8?

Figuring out the platform that can offer you the best price is the first and the most critical step. Selling your iPhone 8 to a human is different from selling phones to buyback enterprises, and that’s different from putting it on Apple Gift Card or Amazon. All of the three are fundamentally different as business models, and your choice determines the amount of money you will make by selling your iPhone 8.

It is imperative to note that while you’ll make the most by selling it to a human in cash, there are potential scams and risks associated with it. The marketplaces give you a verified and trusted platform that has hand-screened listings and an expert moderation team. The flip side of such platforms is the cost involved to make the selling process easy and safe. This cost has a direct impact on the prices and the offers for the end customers.

The value of your iPhone primarily depends on the following four factors:

  • Condition:

If your iPhone has any issues, whether functional or cosmetic, they’ll hit the prices. Even a few screen scratches or slight wear and tear can squeeze its cost by around 22%.

  • Payment:

Cash feels nice, but store credits might suit your pockets more.

  • Carrier:

Is your iPhone locked with any network carrier? If so, please be prepared for a lesser price than its unlocked counterparts.

  • Storage:

It is directly proportional to the price. More the storage, more the price and vice versa.

Due Diligence Before Trading-in Always Helps:

When you’ve made up your mind to sell your mobile phone, look for resale values that have an array of buyback programs. Depending on the trade-in option, the resale value of your smartphone can dramatically fluctuate (Sometimes even up to twice in exceptional cases).

Whether you are looking for fast cash or upgrading your iPhone, it always pays to shop around.

Get your exploration juices flowing to see beyond the most obvious options like Apple Trade-in, your carrier and big-box retailers? You should always be alert about price-matching guarantee schemes or limited-time promotions to secure the best for you.

Don’t Delay Locking in High Resale Values:

The ever-changing resale marketplace has kept the resale values consistently in flux.

However, this is mostly observed within 24 hours of an iPhone launch. During this time, an iPhone’s resale value drops around 30% on average.

iPhone 12, Apple’s first 5G enabled phone has resulted in severe volatility with resale values expected to slash as much as by 60%.

So, if you come across an offer that brings you a smile, don’t be hesitant to lock-in immediately than satisfying your urge to look for better and more. There is no obligation to sell even after you get a quote. You can step back at any time, even after dispatching on special requests. However, that may result in the one-way postal charges. There are some buyback dealers who lock in the offered value for certain days (from 15- 30 days) allowing you enough time to make a thoughtful and informed decision.

Ensure to take a back-up and a second back-up on your external or cloud storage, as you may deem fit. This is most critical because any negligence on this part may result in anxiety, anguish and frustration. Once the back-up is done, take the sim out and perform a factory reset. You can even go one step further to ensure deep cleaning. Put some data on it and repeat the factory reset to ensure that it doesn’t contain any footprints whatsoever.

If you are reading this, we are optimistic that you may got clarity on how to approach the market to sell you iPhone 8.

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