Most Influential Celebrities on the Internet 2021

The internet has become a most influential tool for celebrities. Influential means people who can push an agenda, news, or an item/product and create a massive impact at ago and within a short period. The evaluation model for the most influential people or celebrities on the internet according to the Times Magazine looks at their global effects using social media accounts and their capabilities in driving their personal views on varying subjects. An influential celebrity can even support a free bonus no deposit casino UK offers for a single casino, and the entity will be full of clients from all over the world.

5 the most influential celebrity personalities on the internet in 2021:

  • Lil Nas X
  • Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • BTS 
  • Rahaf Mohammed
  • The School Strikers

Lil Nas X

Described as the viral rapper, Lil Nas X is an accurate depiction of what going viral can do for a person “Stardom.” The rapper started as a curator for memes and developed his overall music fan base, specifically on Twitter. His influential capabilities were low, but he was able to release his first rap song, “Old Town Road.” Although it was a good track, it didn’t make much of an impression until it became a soundtrack for one of the trending TikTok Videos, “#yeehaw.” 

Lil Nas X became a sensation after the Hot Country Chart Billboard dropped his single. The bone of contention was the exclusion of black artists in Nashville. After the controversy, the rapper took up another project with Billy Ray Cyrus and launched a remix. The remix remained top on the Billboard for the past 15 weeks consecutively. The same week got a rating of 9 out of 11 for the most streamed remix of the week. 

The rapper keeps making headlines, and most recently, he has come out as gay. According to BBC news, his reason for coming out is to create an opening for others like him to come out. What a noble cause!

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She is a social media guru, and her membership to the House of Representatives as a junior has nothing to do with it. Her Twitter has 4.8 million followers, much higher than other Congress members. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest congresswoman to hold that office in the US and is also a media influencer. In January, after her debut as a congresswoman “swearing-in,” she held a session discussing best practices and the importance of having an authentic social media presence. 

According to the Times report, her notable successes include drawing attention to hearings held by the subcommittee and the granular debates relegated to the confines of C-Span. One of the best accomplishments is an online video of her questioning in a hearing regarding Cannabis back in February. The video has over 3 million views as of now. She has also made some blunders in her tenor, including identifying her colleague as a republican (Rep. John Yarmuth) and bumping heads with the older generation in the legislation departments. 


The BTS is a South Korean band and supergroup that has become a popular sensation amongst family members. Thanks to their massive fan base, the group has become an influential celebrity on the internet. Consisting of all-male members, namely RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jung Kook, Jimin, Jin, and V, the group has one of the best digital fan groups, namely the ARMY.  The ARMY has propelled the group to a more excellent status on social media. Also, the group has remained top in the Social Artist charts on Billboard since 2019. 

BTS is famous for their albums that took the first position on the Billboard, “Three songs, three different albums,” all taking the first position in the same year. To top that, the group debuted the music video “Boy With Luv,” and within 24 hours or a day, the song had collected over 75 million views setting a new record. Plus, the group has a mobile game similar to casino games that can give 100 free spins no deposit UK 2021 players a run for it. Players on the BTS mobile game get a chance to play the group manager in the game, which has recently gained the first position in the Apple App Store for the best mobile games. 

Rahaf Mohammed

Rahaf Mohammed’s plea for asylum and Saudi women’s rights is an impact still reigning in fruits six months after. Therefore, the young lady had nothing to herself or her name and decided to put all her predicament online for other people to see and provide aid.  On her Twitter handle, she described what it was like to live with relatives who dominated the females, preventing them from travelling or engaging in any fun activities. She indicated that her male guardians were abusive, and she had travelled to Bangkok, was facing deportation, and had lost all of her official documents. 

Her #SaveRahaf on Twitter helped rally over 45000 followers in a single day. Her plea caught the attention of the UN Refugee Agency, which came to her aid and placed her in Canada. This was back in January, women in Saudi Arabia have found a voice and a way to help publicize their plights. One of the Saudi women posted on the same platform that the authorities had confiscated her official documents and left behind her phone. Riyadh has since had to loosen its rules regarding women and travel. It is due to all Twitter campaigns for the right of Saudi women. 

The Wall Street Journal indicates that women from Saudi may start travelling as the country is relaxing its restrictions on the subject. Since that day, a young 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed posted her “Nothing to Lose slogan and plight” on Twitter, everything has improved for Saudi women!  She has also become an influential celebrity on the internet in 2021. 

The School Strikers

The school strike for climate change began as a defiant action by a young Swedish teenager. The act has grown and become an international movement made up of school-going kids protesting against increasing carbon emissions and advocating climate change solutions. The group hopes to push adults into action towards reducing the impacts on climate. In March, the movement had over 1.6 million participants worldwide. The campaign is calling for a worldwide strike comes September 20, of course, with adult involvement as it involves kids. 

As of now, you can still view the #tags that came as a result of that young child for climate change. Some of the trending tags include #FrikdaysforFuture, #SchoolStrike4Climate, and many more. Young Greta Thunberg, who started the movement by holding up a written notice with School Strike for Climate, is moved by all the young kids like she was striving to preserve the environment. She calls them “My Heroes.”


Many influential celebrities are making a change and are not included on this list. However, each star on this list is an individual who has seen the importance of change and is affecting it using the internet and social media. It is crucial for the influential people in 2021 to have made a difference, for instance, little Greta Thunberg creating mass followers for climate change actions and solutions. Rahaf Mohammed opened new ways for her fellow Saudi women to gain freedom and much more. You can read more on the most influential celebrities on the internet in 2021 for more information. 

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