Junket Tourism: Concept, Development History, Distinctive Features

In the stream of gray everyday life, sometimes you want to feel the holiday, joy, and a certain amount of adrenaline. Of all types of entertainment, casinos are in great demand, and their popularity is growing inexorably. And to combine a pleasant pastime and travel is the best solution. Therefore, fans of gambling establishments have long fallen in love with casino tours to other countries. Traveling to visit gambling places is called junket tourism. It is very convenient when you can combine rest and game entertainment – after noisy fun, you can go out of town, relax, sunbathe, see the sights and museums. However, if, due to a high workload or limited budget, you cannot afford a junket tour, a non gamstop casinos UK always comes to the rescue.

Features of the Development & Popularization Of Junket Tourism

At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a real gambling boom in Europe. And the gambling capital was Paris. Already at that time, peculiar gambling travels were fashionable among the British. They regularly traveled to others to gamble, albeit at government expense. The most popular game of that time was roulette.

  • Many of the famous people of those times were fans of such a vacation. Since the 70s, the casino has become very popular. Thousands of slot machine halls and large casino centers have opened around the world;
  • In the beginning, junket tours had a football and music theme and were organized for fans and fans. But the creation of junket tours for fans of gambling and poker has brought this direction of tourism to a new level;
  • Now a junket tour is associated with a visit to a casino. The largest and most popular casinos from around the world were the first to implement junkets.

Another impetus to the rapid development of junket tourism was the bans on gambling in some countries. After all, everywhere in the world, there are gamblers with big money. And although progress and technology provide them with the opportunity to play for money in a bookies not on gamstop, still, most players want to feel the real gambling atmosphere.

How are junkets arranged?

The first feature and advantage of junket tourism are favorable conditions for the traveler. After all, the receiving party assumes almost all costs:

  • transport;
  • housing;
  • nutrition;
  • entertainment, etc.

It all depends on the agreement with the institution. In turn, the client undertakes to fulfill certain conditions, which are almost the same in all junkets. First of all, the conditions are related to visiting the casino:

  • the required amount of bets;
  • the time spent in the casino.

Therefore, gamblers should put bankroll restrictions on their bets in the casino. Set aside a budget that you are ready to leave at the gambling establishment, and do not spend a cent more. It happens that the traveler cannot (or does not want) comply with the conditions specified in the agreement – then the casino reserves the right at any time to stop financing the client and interrupt his stay in the casino. If the trip takes place within the agreed conditions, managers or other representatives of gambling establishments provide the tourist with the highest level of service. It doesn’t matter if the tourist wins or loses. Junket tours can be both individual (for one client) and group, for several people who know each other. It is noteworthy that a stranger cannot get into this team in any way, as each member of the group transfers his share to the total account (common bank).

How to choose a junket tour?

The choice of the junket tour is related to the choice of the casino organizer. There are three factors to investigate:

  • the reputation of the institution;
  • professionalism;
  • service level.

All the conditions and obligations of the parties for the duration of the trip are indicated in the contract. So, you must carefully study it before concluding. In general, a junket is not very different from any other tourist trip, so read reviews, analyze offers and ask all your questions to your contact persons. Caution can never be overkill, as it will help you get the most out of your junket tour. The most exciting way for a gambling tourist is a trip to the USA. You will see the stunning city of vice Las Vegas, visit the suburbs of New York, where the richest people in America come to play. And if you wish, you can look into the unusual Indian casinos located on the reservations. You may not be aware, but it is the Indians who own almost half of the country’s gambling establishments.

Let’s sum up: is it worth going on a junket tour?

It is useful for all gamblers to familiarize themselves with the information on junket tours. This article is especially relevant for those players who live in countries where the law prohibits gambling. As a rule, junket tourism is relevant for countries where a traveler does not need a visa. And the list of gambling establishments includes those casinos where conditions have been created for a flexible pricing policy and free communication (there is no language barrier). When choosing a junket tour, well-known casinos with a solid reputation and a high trust rating deserve more attention.

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