How to immigrate from the UK to Canada

The past few years have witnessed an increase in the number of British migrating to Canada. Currently, hundreds of thousands of British citizens are studying, working, and doing business in various Canadian provinces. This is because Canada has various immigration routes that readily suit many Britons seeking permanent residence in a foreign country. Are you considering immigrate to Canada from the UK? Here are some most ideal immigration routes to consider:

  1. Business Visa

If you are an entrepreneurial-inclined person and would like to explore the Canadian market, then the business route is your best bet. Canada has various business visas, including start-up visa, self-employed immigrant visa, and immigrant investor venture capital visa.

  • The Canada start-up visa is available for business owners or part-owners with substantial experience. You will need to demonstrate that you can create and operate a business in Canada that will generate revenues and employment.
  • The self-employed immigrant visa is available to individuals with relevant experience in athletics or cultural activities or with farm management experience. You must demonstrate the ability and intention to become self-employed in Canada and make an economic contribution to the country.
  • Immigrant Investor Visa: Are you a high net worth individual? The immigrant investor venture capital visa may be the most ideal route for you to immigrate to Canada. You must demonstrate that you have a net worth of at least $10 million CAD and are willing to invest a minimum of $2 million CAD into Canada’s Immigrant Investor Capital fund.
  1. AIPP – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The AIPP is another pathway to immigrate from the UK to Canada. It is designed for skilled workers in various industries and international graduates who want to reside and work in any of Canada’s 4 Atlantic Provinces, which are Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick. It is an employer-driven program – meaning you must first have a job offer from a designated employer in Atlantic Canada. The experience and academic qualification requirements will depend on whether you are applying as a skilled worker or as an international graduate.

As a skilled worker applicant, you must demonstrate at least one year of work experience in an occupation related to the job offer and have completed at least high school. If you’re applying as an international graduate, job experience isn’t required. However, you must have completed a two-year post-secondary-school diploma from a publicly funded institution in the Atlantic region.

  1. Express Entry

The express entry is a fast and straightforward immigration route from the UK to Canada. You should be eligible if you have a post-secondary school education, at least one year of work experience, and moderate English or French language proficiency. After ascertaining your eligibility, the next thing is to submit your profile by uploading your credentials.

You will be ranked in the express entry pool with the information in your profile. If you score enough overall points, you will be invited to apply for permanent residence. Having a high score will significantly boost your chances of getting an invitation. Apart from high academic qualifications and job experience, other factors that can help include having an arranged employment offer from a Canadian employer and Canadian educational or work experience.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another speedy and ideal route to immigrate from the UK to Canada. To qualify for PNP, you must be nominated by a Canadian province. Each province has its list of requirements every applicant must meet to be nominated. Like most other routes, your education, work experience, skills, and language proficiency will determine your PNP eligibility. You can contact the province of your choice and apply for a nomination under an Express Entry stream. You can also create an Express Entry profile and show the provinces you are interested in. Once you have been nominated, you will then submit an application for permanent residence.

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