A useful review about England for travellers

England is full of advantages, from history and sport to manners and traditions. Many experts name the country the most enthusiastic European land when it comes to gambling. While travelling you can enjoy both a slot house in the capital and an internet casino in a gadget. online Casino not on gamestop is a nice way to rid off of boredom, earn some bucks and enjoy the atmosphere. After arriving in England tourists advise either to visit several cities or settle in London and enjoy the most popular attractions.
Places that are worthy to be seen

  • 1. Big Ben

Besides being the largest dial in the world, the English admire sightseeing as it went through important civil events. Big Ben shows the correct time and reminds us about New Year, a minute of silence and is considered to be a symbol of London. An interesting fact is that Big Ban is not a tower or clock. It’s just a bell that is covered inside, but the attraction’s name is Elizabeth.

  • 2. London’s Eye

The largest European wheel allows observing the whole capital in sunny weather. Travellers often mention that it’s possible to even see a Windsor county which demands 1 hour of driving! One rotation of the wheel takes 30 minutes and can transfer 800 passengers that are equal to 11 double deckers.

  • 3. Tower

A castle, a royal library, a zoo, a prison and just a monument – so many changes were happening with Tower for centuries. Now it is an enigmatic construction with a wandering beheaded Anne Boleyn’s ghost. At least several people including an old clerk admitted strange noises and the queen’s phantom.

  • 4. Tower Bridge

A suspension drawbridge situates over Thames river. Another London’s symbol was bridging up for 50 times per day some time ago but now only several times per week due to schedule. The bridge consists of two towers that offer both stairs and elevators.

  • 5. Madame Tussauds

A wax museum where you can take pics with improvised Hollywood stars, politicians, writers, members of the royal family, etc and trick your friends. There is also a hall of Napoleon for history lovers. More than 3 million travellers visit Madame Tussauds every year.

  • 6. National gallery

Located at the Trafalgar square it represents an evolution of western European art masterpieces created by Italian, Spanish, French, German artists during the 12-20 centuries. Unusual exhibitions and art training are regularly implemented in National Gallery that is also involved in top-5 the most visitable museums in the world.

  • 7. Buckingham palace

An official residence of Elizabeth II that rather looks like a separated town. There are personal cinema, hospital, bar, police, post and some sports clubs. About 1000 workers per year serve a flower park, 600 rooms, halls and certainly her majesty. When the queen is inside, the flag of England rises over the Palace. While staying in a crowd travellers often prepare their phones for taking photos of the legendary place or joining a loki casino review while waiting for a ticket.

  • 8. Hyde park

When it comes to nature and recreation, the royal park which was opened by Henry VIII as a hunting zone is a perfect variant. Some centuries ago it was a place for duels, but nowadays the park consists of arches, sculptures, concerts, politician debates and even an animal cemetery with graves and inscriptions.

  • 9. Sherwood forest

Do you remember Robin Hood? The national hero who robbed the rich to give money to the poor had a headquarter in Sherwood forest and dodged in the Major Oak according to the myth. One digger even found an ancient golden ring with sapphire some years ago. The news attracted more adventure fans.

  • 10. Stonehenge

The great sightseeing of Salisbury Plain is guided by UNESCO. The historical object is believed to appear before our era by local tribes! Archaeologists guess that ancestry determined time according to sun rays and stones. To achieve the monument tourists need to drive 130 kilometres from London.

Some interesting facts about England

  1. Elizabeth II is the only British citizen who travels without a passport but simultaneously she needs the city mayor’s permission to arrive in London.
  2. England gave the world rugby and polo.
  3. The first subway in the world was constructed in London in 1863.
  4. The first zoo in the world was also built in London in 1828.
  5. The first chocolate shop appeared in London.
  6. The first train station in the world belongs to England. It was opened in 1830 between Liverpool and Manchester and supplied both cities with passengers, post and goods.
  7. As London was formed by Romans its first name was Londonium.
  8. Every year England receives a Christmas tree from Oslo as a gift for assistance in the Second World War.
  9. French has been an official language of England for 300 years.
  10. Liverpool is the first city in the world which established a lending library, a tropical medicine school and a school for blind people.


England has so many interesting places that it’s just physically impossible to count all of them or compare which is better and worse. Only London hides more than 100 attractions. England will never be forgotten by tourists for its unique culture, customs, architecture and distinctive features.

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