How to keep from getting in a car crash?

Many incidents happen so unpredictably and fleetingly that we don’t have time to prepare, but in many others, as they say, “you never know what will happen.” In these cases, preparation and protection can save our lives or significantly reduce the number of injuries. Here are our tips on how to do it.

Today’s cars are very safe and equipped with many systems that minimize our mistakes in order to avoid an accident (active safety), as well as others that protect us as much as possible in case it is unavoidable (passive safety). All cars are regularly checked for serviceability in the car rental service, so once you’re on a trip, say, in the Emirates, you can safely rent suv dubai and have fun on a trip in a modern and luxury car. By observing the speed limit and all basic safety requirements, the probability of getting into a dangerous situation is reduced to a minimum.

The car will do its best to protect us, but we can also do something to prepare for the inevitable accident. Sometimes we don’t realize what will happen to us. Accidents are accidental and can take us by surprise. To reduce injury in these cases, it is useful to avoid bad habits that maximize injury, such as putting your feet on the dashboard, smoking, and reclining the seat too much.

On the other hand, in other cases, we clearly foresee an approaching accident, and then we can do some things to protect ourselves and minimize our injuries. Let’s take a look at them.


How to protect yourself in case of an accident

Although we think that the seat is just an element of comfort in the car, in fact it is one of the main safety systems and is designed to protect us, but in order for it to really effectively fulfill its mission, it needs interaction with the seat belt. Even if you ride a luxury car, please, buckle up. If you are one of those who refuses to fasten a seat belt, I have bad news for you: if you “anticipate that this will happen”, you will most likely die.

Many modern cars, including cars from most rental services, are equipped with systems that determine that they are in a situation with a high probability of an accident, and they themselves take some precautions: pre-tighten seat belts, close windows and the sunroof, and adjust seat backs. But there are some very effective things that we can do ourselves.

The first thing you need to know is that it’s a lie that during an accident everything happens in slow motion, everything happens in fractions of a second, so you don’t have much time to do it. Of course, now is not the time to close the windows manually, adjust the seat. Let’s see what we can do:

Do not put your hands out of the window: besides the fact that it is forbidden, taking your hands out of the car is the best way to amputate them.
Do not lean on the dashboard: the reflex action of the driver is the tension of outstretched arms pressed against the steering wheel. This is not very good because it leads to elbow injuries, but it is also not very serious because the steering wheel is designed so that its rim deforms and reduces these stresses in the hands. However, the co-pilot’s attempt to hold on to the dashboard has a number of drawbacks. Firstly, the airbag itself can injure us when triggered, and, in addition, we will not allow it to inflate properly, but this is not the worst thing. Leaning forward for support, we unwind most of the belt coil, approach the windscreen, and move our back away from the seat. This increases the likelihood that you will be thrown through the windscreen, break your face and hands, or damage your spine.
Snuggle up to the seat: try to lean on the headrest and the whole back on the back. The more support we get from the seat itself, the more it can protect us.

car crash

What to do if the car overturned

Coups are a very unpleasant and burdensome situation, but they usually lead to fewer serious injuries and deaths than frontal and side impacts. While the car is spinning, it gradually dissipates energy, and if we are not wearing a seat belt or there are no loose things in the car, we have a good chance of only getting bruises.

Most of those who die in the event of a rollover die from being thrown out of the car and crushed by the car itself or from hitting the ground when falling. Knowing that an accident can happen at any time, do not neglect car insurance, no matter if it is your own or a rental.

In the event of a coup, the priority is to fasten the seat belt as securely as possible but, above all, to protect the head as much as possible. In this case, it is better to rest it against the headrest, squeeze your chin a little, trying to touch your chest, close your eyes, and cover your head with your hands.

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