Going to Dubai? Which SUV is better to rent for a long time?

SUVs have always been popular for long-term rentals in Dubai. And this is not surprising, because our SUVs can give you maximum freedom and allow you to travel in comfort to places where an ordinary car cannot always go. Luxury cars in this category, today, are represented by a wide range of models for rent.

Renting in Dubai is already very popular. Here you can find a large selection of cars at low prices, and renting for a long time will make it even cheaper. This is where you can find the cheapest long-term car rental Dubai, which will allow you to choose a car for your needs, be it a trip around the city, or a trip with the whole family through the desert. For different occasions, you can choose different cars – for trips around the city, a luxury convertible from a Lamborghini or Porsche, for off-road travel, a Nissan Patrol or Range Rover is suitable. Everything is limited only by your preferences, and the rental service employees will help you choose the most suitable car and prepare it for you. In our article, we will recommend several SUVs that are ideal for long-term rental.

Toyota RAV4


One of the most popular SUV rentals in Dubai. Although it is more crossover than SUV in performance, it is an exceptionally comfortable car for long trips. Connectable all-wheel drive, high ground clearance of 195 mm, durable body, and high reliability of components and assemblies will allow it to safely drive over rough terrain, including deserts.

The car has excellent handling and low fuel consumption. The SUV is equipped with full power accessories, numerous electronic assistants and sensors, and all airbags. And the spacious interior attracts people to rent it for a trip with a large group.

Volkswagen Tiguan

This is an ideal car for rent in terms of safety and comfort. The modern salon looks expensive and status-worthy. The owner has a large number of different electronics, sensors, assistance, and security systems at his disposal.

The SUV will not get lost at all on rough terrain, but it is ideal for driving in the city. It is indispensable for long journeys. The spacious trunk will allow you to fit a bunch of things, and the reliability of the German manufacturer guarantees that you will get to your destination without any breakdowns or troubles.

Chevrolet Tahoe

On a long journey, you will need a reliable car with the necessary set of options. In 2022, the Chevrolet Tahoe debuted an updated version. Now he has a sufficient supply of strength and endurance. The car is unpretentious and equipped with a set of the most modern features that will help the driver feel comfortable behind the wheel. The frame structure of the body makes it possible to overcome the most difficult sections of roads without problems.

The luggage compartment, measuring 3.5 thousand liters, has enough space to stow the necessary things. With all this, you don’t have to shell out a large sum to buy this car, but just rent it at a fair price.

Lexus LX570

This model is TOP according to many criteria. It has the most advanced hardware (3 onboard computers operating independently of each other), an engine body made of aircraft aluminum, the chassis is manually adjusted, there is a system for intelligent adaptation to driving style, and so on. This is a full-fledged flagship in the world of cars; build quality has always been above all else for Lexus.

The recognizable luxury look attracts clients of rental companies, which makes Lexus a very popular car in Dubai. This automobile is perfect for long travels since all of its features will make your journey more comfortable, and if the driver has to change with someone, the car will be prepared for a second driver.

Mercedes-Benz AMG G-Class

In European countries it has ceased to be in great demand. But in terms of cross-country ability and maneuverability it is not inferior to other SUVs. Therefore, it is very common on Dubai roads. Its popularity in rental companies is due to its recognition, various number of trim levels and body colors.

Engine – 4 liters with turbo, 585 horsepower. 9-speed automatic transmission, fuel consumption – 17 liters per 100 kilometers. This configuration will allow you to drive on almost any road or off-road.


In total, the presented rating of SUVs by quality for long-term rental is the list of cars that are most often rented in Dubai. But which one to choose is up to each individual, based on their available money and necessary functionality. And there are several alternatives available in the consumer market.

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