How Long Does a Stand-Up Comedy Show Last?

Heading to your first stand-up comedy show and do not know what to expect? Know that this is going to be an evening of fun and you will not stop laughing. One common question people have is; how long will a stand-up comedy show last? While every show is going to be slightly different, there is often a certain setup that most comedy clubs follow. So, let’s take a closer look so you can plan your night.

How Long Do Comedy Shows Last?

You will find that most stand-up comedy shows will last around two hours in total. Often, they take place during the evenings, as well as on weekend nights. In a two-hour show, there can be three comedians, each offering their own stories and comedy style. There is also an MC that brings the show together and keeps you entertained. For an idea of what you can expect, check out Comedy Carnival, which is a Friday and Saturday night comedy club in London. They have various shows on, and you can see if there are any comedians that you know or like the sound of.

If you are new to watching comedy shows, you might think that two hours seems like a long time. But, in reality, this time flies by. Since there are different performers, you often do not notice where the time goes. Yes, you may not like one of the comedians. But, you know that you have other performers you can enjoy, so it does not seem so bad.

What Else Can I Do on a Comedy Show Night?

There are going to be certain aspects that will lengthen your evening when it comes to comedy shows. For example, doors normally open around one hour before the show begins. This allows people to get a good seat and to meet their friends or family. Indeed, it is recommended that you turn up early to the show. Most tickets will not have reserved seating, so you want to ensure that you are somewhere you want to be for the show. Being early is going to mean that you have first pick.

Note that many people like to go to dinner for a comedy show. Again, it is about making a day of the occasion. Indeed, there are comedy clubs that offer dinner and show tickets, which make reservations for them at popular restaurants. This can mean that you start your night a few hours before the show begins. You can enjoy something to eat and socialise with friends or family. After all, you cannot talk when the show begins. Some comedy club offer reserved seating with a dinner and show ticket. This means that you do not have to rush for the doors to open.

The bar can also be open after the show to allow you to grab a drink and socialise. This can be for around 30 minutes. After two hours, you may want to discuss the show with people. So, you can easily do this at the bar and make a night of it. You should expect the comedy club to close around midnight.

Are there Breaks in a Comedy Show?

Most of the time, you will find that there are not long breaks in a comedy show. This means that it is important to grab a drink beforehand and go to the bathroom before the show begins. When you do this, you are not going to miss any of the action. What’s more, you will not disturb the comedians by coming and going, as well as other audience members.

There are also some other rules you want to follow during a comedy club show. For example, it is best to have your phone off. You can easily answer phone calls and texts before it begins or after the show finishes. This is for maximum enjoyment.

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