How Online Casinos Have Helped The Environment

Casinos have been on the scene for generations. They have struggled through history but are an accepted part of business and entertainment in most societies today. However, the past few years have been a challenge for many companies in the entertainment realm. 

With travel restrictions and other factors, many people began to look elsewhere to play their lotteries and casino games. This began the surge in the popularity of online casinos. In this article, we would like to show you how traditional casinos compare to online casinos concerning their environmental impact. 

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Online Casinos

It stands to reason an online casino will not use the space, energy, and resources that a land-based casino does. It will not emit extreme CO2 gasses or produce the waste that a brick-and-mortar casino does. But some online casinos have taken it a step further.

Lottoland is an international online casino and lottery company. They operate in more than 30 countries and have more than 13 million customers. Lottoland is an award-winning industry leader in the field. 

Because they are easily accessed through their mobile app, people often log in for quick games of chance or to check the current lottery winning numbers. This is an excellent example of how making the industry easier improves the customer experience. But there is another reason why this online casino is appreciated in our society.

Lottoland is a carbon-neutral online company. They have signed the Climate Pledge committing to a greener future and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 or sooner. This is a significant step that more than 200 global companies have taken to substantially improve the environmental issues we are currently facing. 

Now, let’s look at land-based casinos and their impact on the planet.


Environmental concerns

The frightening fact is that we will destroy the planet unless man reduces his environmental impact. According to reports by, by the year 2050, businesses will contribute 27 billion tons of solid trash to the environment. There are concerns globally regarding the number of landfills in operation.

Further, a report by Nohoard District states that land-based casinos are responsible for up to 46% of the greenhouse gas emissions into the climate. The production of casino gambling equipment and the running of casinos require a lot of energy. Customers must travel to get to the land-based casinos. This combination is the primary cause of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere from this single resource. 

If you have ever been to a land-based casino, one of the first things you notice is the lights. Neon lights, gaming machines, security cameras, music, heat, and air conditioning all use electricity. Even if the casino is in an area that uses renewable energy, they are a massive drain on the power systems. 

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Other concerns

Land-based casinos require a lot of physical space for the casino, parking lots, hotels, and restaurants built with them. Acres of land are stripped of their trees and plants to make room for the massive businesses. 

A factor often overlooked when examining the environmental concerns of land-based casinos is the killing of birds. The US Fish and Wildlife Services report approximately one billion birds are killed annually due to casinos. 

Barriers and obstructions are often blamed for birds of all sizes colliding with structures. Manufactured lighting often disorients nocturnal birds. These issues are worsened in inclement weather conditions. 

More must be done. The problems created by brick-and-mortar businesses such as land-based casinos must be aggressively addressed. There is no time to waste. Global warming directly results from the pollution we emit into the atmosphere, and it is here. Steps are being taken around the world, but is it enough? Can we afford to let companies continue to do business as they always have? It seems to be at an extreme cost.



In the past few years, while issues have plagued the world, causing significant shifts in how we conduct business, online casinos have flourished. They are more accessible and more suitable for people limiting their exposure to the world. They are allowing people to enjoy their favorite activities while reducing the carbon footprint we are leaving behind.

While the reduction of land-based casinos affects the number of people employed by them, the number of technological jobs, remote jobs, and career opportunities is on the rise. 

As we continue to strive as a people to “go green,” reduce pollution and reverse the climate problems we have created, it seems inevitable that online casinos are the best solution for the gamer population today. 


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