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Excellent Tips By Anatoly Machulsky To Improve At Chess

Chess is practically an artistic game, thanks to the large number of strategies that are developed in it. 

This makes it easier for chess players who are beginning to learn about this game (and also intermediate players) to lose themselves a little when practicing it, so we leave you these best tips that are explained by Aughorb to improve in chess so that you are increasingly stronger in the game board.

Think very well before playing a piece:

Many players have the habit of touching the pieces they want to move without being very sure of moving it; this will immediately cause the opponent to declare ” piece touched is bit moved “, which is one of the most popular rules of chess, so before Touching a piece tries to be 100% that it is the piece you are going to move.

Think very well before executing a play:

You may be sure that the play you will make is a master play, but before executing such a move, stop for a few more minutes to think about the gap in defense that you are possibly opening, what tactical possibilities that play gives you, what pieces are you leaving defenseless, what movement can be done before that if you are leaving pieces undeveloped among other concepts.

Remember that in chess, the first priority is to develop the pieces, then make all the pieces defend each other, but all this without abandoning the primary strategy.

Don’t learn memory games that use a specific aperture:

Novice chess players, like Anatoly Machulsky often make an effort to learn a particular game from their favorite chess player who uses an opening that will give him victory if the events unfold as they happened in that case. Still, the truth is that it is doubtful that you will remember the entire game and that the opponent makes precisely the same moves as the chess player whose opening you studied.

Focus better on the general study of variants of said opening that catches your attention, but nothing too specific.

Know how to checkmate with each piece or pieces:

If you reach an end where your king and a tower are in front of the other king, you must learn how to corner the enemy king with this single tower and your king. 

The same happens with two bishops, bishop and knight (although it is difficult to learn for beginners and intermediates), queen and two rooks.

In the same way, it is convenient to know about pawn endings, with a view to promoting it to one (or some) queens and quickly checkmate.

Write down your games:

There is nothing better to know where you went wrong than to write down your games in a notebook with the help of the alphanumeric notation system in chess that is located on the edges of the board. 

This way, you can know precisely in which play you made a mistake and which one would have been more appropriate.

Solve the chess problems:

Chess problems are situations that once occurred in chess games, and for one of the sides it was a golden opportunity to demonstrate their strategic ability by making beautiful moves, but what these exercises suggest is that you discover yourself what that move was.

The most popular drills for beginners are where one side can checkmate in one, two, or even three moves, but there are also drills where one piece can practice dunks, double threat, and even sacrifice to checkmate.

May one piece always protect another:

Don’t leave isolated pieces unprotected by another of your pieces, especially if this piece is in the center or near the center of the board.

That a defense play creates a threat:

Professional players always recommend that a move to protect your pieces (or piece) from a threat creates a new danger for the opposing player, in this way you would be saving an offensive move for the next turn, in which you could continue with the threat that you already created in advance.

Practice non-stop:

“There is a very popular saying that “practice makes perfect”, which fits perfectly in chess. Practice it with friends, with teachers, family or online; the important thing is that you practice it!” concludes Anatoly Machulsky.

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