Different type BTC wallet and which one to choose

Below you can read about different type of BTC wallet and let you know which one is best for you.

Desktop thick wallet

When working with a desktop thick wallet, make several copies of the wallet.dat file, store them in different places and update them in a timely manner. Do not forget the password when encrypting your wallet. Otherwise, in the event of the loss of this data, you will never be able to access your coins.

Paper wallet

Very high level of protection does not depend on any devices. The main thing is to protect it from various environmental influences and do not lose.


A hardware wallet is a special device in the form of a flash drive designed to store your bitcoins without an Internet connection. The highest level of protection, usability and ease of use are among the advantages of hardware wallets. You can buy them for 60-100 Euros, depending on the manufacturer and model.

Wallet Code Transparency

Despite the saturation of the market with various types of crypto-wallets, the confidence of users in the absence of bugs and software bookmarks plays a large role in the popularity of various representatives. You can verify this subject to the publication of open source code, which anyone can study.

The point here is rather not even the deliberate abandonment of loopholes and vulnerabilities by the developer (although this should not be ruled out), but rather the probability of accidentally skipping some kind of bug during testing, which scammers may later use.

As a rule, only official wallets from the creators of cryptocurrency can boast of open source code. This is partly why the cases of their hacking are almost unknown.

What type of wallet to choose?

The choice of crypto wallet type depends on many parameters:

  • For what purpose do you plan to get a bitcoin wallet? If you intend to use bitcoin as a means of saving value or as a long-term investment, then you need to opt for cold wallets. If you often need to make many small transactions, then hot wallets are out of competition.
  • How much do you plan to keep? For a large number of coins it is worth using a cold storage, for small amounts hot varieties of wallets are suitable.
  • Need a Bitcoin wallet in Russian. Most bitcoin wallets have support for the Russian-language interface, so there are practically no restrictions on the choice.
  • Are you going to earn on exchange rate fluctuations – then there are no alternatives to an exchange wallet.

When choosing a vault for your coins, the most important thing is to comprehensively study the advantages and disadvantages of existing wallets and find the one that is most suitable for the totality of its characteristics. Therefore, approach the choice wisely. More info is available here at https://thebitcoincode.io, click image below to visit the website

Where can I buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC)

So, you already know how to choose a bitcoin wallet. Now it remains to find out how you can put or remove crypto coins there. At the moment, the easiest way to get any amount of BTC is to buy it. Where can this be done?

Cryptocurrency exchanges

Crypto exchanges take first place in the number of bitcoin purchases / sales and in the total number of coins purchased.

The advantages of buying BTC on a cryptocurrency exchange include:

  • The ability to purchase any number of coins without restrictions.
  • Hundreds of cryptocouples with bitcoin are available on the largest exchanges, which is a definite plus for crypto traders.
  • A large number of ways to deposit and withdraw funds.
  • Always the most current course and the best price.
  • High level of protection for your bitcoin investment.
  • Buying and selling is available around the clock.
  • The ability to instantly buy / sell either by creating a pending order.

Among the shortcomings, it is necessary to indicate the need for registration on the exchange and the interface, which is difficult for beginners at first. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the best option for frequent operations with BTC or for making money on fluctuations in the exchange rate.

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