Cheap Stocks That Can Make You Rich

Some low-priced stocks are cheap for a good reason. Some top reasons for low-priced stocks include financial troubles, business models not working, or maybe there is a new rival that has disrupted the whole industry. In some instances, big businesses are usually paired with low share prices for absolutely insubstantial reasons. Many times, the market focuses on short-term distresses, disregarding the company’s long-term prospects even if they look great. If you are interested in cheap stocks to invest in now, you must be able to tell these excellent investment opportunities. This knowledge will help you build substantial wealth in the long run.   

Read below to learn about two cheap stocks that can make you rich.


During the COVID-19 period disinfecting cleaning wipes from Clorox have been in high demand. What’s more, the demand has been high for some time. Reports from the company suggest that the current demand still outweighs the supply and that the company does not think it can meet that demand until the summer. The high demand has seen the company expand its capacity and bring in third-party manufacturers to fill the void.

The shares of Clorox surged early during the pandemic outbreak and peaked in August 2020. After that, they have been on a downward trend. At the moment, shares trade at around 25% below the highs. Moreover, the stock’s price-to-earnings ratio is nearing a five-year low.

Few brands have the kind of brand awareness that Clorox enjoys. This recognition helps to confirm the company as a leader in the majority of markets it operates in. It also has a strong track record when it comes to product innovation. An excellent example is how it expanded its bleach brand into a line of much-needed disinfecting wipes.

Because of the essential nature of its product portfolio, Clorox can constantly generate operating earnings and cash flow. This makes it possible for Clorox to return capital to its shareholders in dividends paid out for decades. You can still clean up with Clorox even with its stock depressed because it has a firm financial foundation.

Dollar General

The pandemic has also forced consumers to stretch their wallets to the limit. Many businesses were forced to close shop, and unemployment has hit record highs making a dollar to go further than ever before. Dollar General has been the go-to store for many consumers.

Dollar General is a deep-discount retailer that avails household goods and food at very low prices. Most of the store’s products are sold for 10 USD or less. Many families can shop here with the confidence of finding a fair deal.

The company is a trailblazing dollar store and has separated itself from its rivals by introducing a wide selection of products. Although it might face some pressure from the rising transport and labor costs, the long-term prospects remain good. In the meantime, the stock’s P/E ratio is around a two-year low.

The stock will come up against tough comparisons to last year when consumers were panic buying and hoarding goods in the next couple of quarters. However, that gives investors another chance to lock in the stock on any weakness in the company’s shares.  

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