Casio G-Shock – an indestructible watch with a fascinating history

When you ask random people to name brands of watches that they’ve heard of, you will probably get two answers: Rolex and G-Shock. Although these two brands are far from comparable in terms of price, they both have taken the world by storm. G-Shock is a line of watches manufactured by Casio. The manufacturer itself is not as popular as its brand. Where does this phenomenon come from? G-Shock watches are believed to be the only timepieces in the world to have applications in multiple fields. G-Shock watches are worn by athletes, fashion stylists, football fans and stockbrokers. Worn for everyday and festive occasions, they go well with sports and elegant wear. To better understand the G-Shock phenomenon, it’s worth looking at its history.

Casio – how did the legendary G-Shock brand come about?

The history of the G-Shock watch is very compelling. The users of G-Shock watches should be particularly interested in the company’s past. So, let’s go back in time. Japan, many years ago. Young Kikuo Ibe has just received a watch as a gift from his father. The young boy is fascinated by the device. One day, his heart breaks. When the watch is dropped on the floor, it’s accidentally damaged and stops working. This moment becomes a turning point in Kikuo’s life. A few years later, one of Casio’s engineers drops the watch from a window. It’s just a prototype. The goal is to verify the durability of the timepiece. The same experiment is repeated many times in secret from the supervisors. The watch is designed to meet three critical goals: survive a fall of 10 metres, withstand 10 atmospheres of water pressure, and have a battery life of 10 years. The experiment is repeated 200 times, but the engineer doesn’t give up and strives to achieve his goal.

The two stories share the main character. The damaged watch became so memorable for Kikuo that many years later he started working in Casio’s department. What is interesting is the fact that Kikuo always dropped the watch from the 3rd floor. He preferred to walk up the stairs rather than use the lift. That’s why Kikuo’s stamina is incredible to this day. Through trial and error, it was possible to create a watch that completely met Kikuo’s expectations. The prefix G stands for gravity, as the device is resistant to all kinds of impacts. At the beginning, the timepiece didn’t receive much recognition in Japan. Actually, it gained more popularity in America. It was only years later that the Japanese came to appreciate the homegrown watch, giving it the same level of recognition as the Americans.

Casio men’s watch – a top quality accessory

Designed in a sporty style, G-Shock watches come in many different variants and are suitable for various occasions. G-Shock offers one-of-a-kind devices that cannot be found anywhere else. Today, the Casio watch is highly regarded by both men and women. Initially, however, it was perceived as a masculine gadget because of the durable, robust construction. Casio watches are true masterpieces. Over the years, the company has released a number of limited-edition watches and devices for special purposes. The brand’s credibility is perfectly illustrated by the number of pieces sold. In 2009, 50 million users already had a G-Shock watch. G-Shock watches work well in any situation, regardless of the person’s style. This is due to their versatile design which is perfect for both sporty outfits and elegant attire. As the brand has released a great number of models, everyone is sure to find something for themselves.

Casio G-Shock – an indestructible device

The “Triple 10” concept led to the development of G-Shock shock-resistant structure. The very first G-Shock watch could survive a fall of 10 metres, withstand 10 atmospheres of water pressure and had a battery life of 10 years. In the course of time, Casio G-Shock watches have been significantly developed. They include some new features like Bluetooth compatibility and radio control technology, which make them even more special. Despite all the improvements, the watches still meet the basic requirements of the “Triple 10” concept.

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