Building Your Reading Passion with Online Sources

Books have two major problems. The first is that that they’re a finite resource, where no reader can access everything they want. The second comes from our limited time, again inhibiting our ability to read as much as we would like. While we have no way of solving the latter, the former issue can be challenged, with the right approach. Looking at online channels to read and engage, we want to explore what’s out there for avid readers craving more than just traditional experiences alone.

Finding Free Stories

As anyone who’s built up a bookshelf or five can tell you, the cost of books eventually adds up. To this end, there are myriad opportunities out there for rapacious readers to engage without spending a single cent. At the amateur end of the scale, websites like Inkitt provide thousands of fully free stories over PC, mobile, and perhaps most appropriately, tablet devices.

For more famous tales, the internet archive can serve as a fantastic resource, especially for older titles. This website acts as a non-profit library of millions of movies, software, and, most appropriately, free books. Fully legal, the Internet Archive tends to focus on older stories that are no longer bound by their original copyright, so readers can easily find access to a whole range of classics.

Engage the Community

Most of the time we want to read books, but some of the time, talking about them in an equally appreciative community can be just as fun. The great part about taking this approach is that there’s something for everyone, from academic discussions on themes and characters to humorous takes on events and the communities themselves.

Even social media like TikTok gets in on the action, with the #BookTok being as esoteric as it is hilarious and relatable. Taking this concept a step further, readers might be lucky enough to find local fan groups with which to share their passion. Fanart, cosplay, or just casual social meetups are all fun ways to expand your enthusiasm and understanding of the base books.

Take Another Angle

To many of us, books are the purest form that media takes. There are, however, different ways to experience the worlds that words portray. The most obvious form these extensions can take is in movies and TV, but if you’re a fan of a particular book or series, then chances are you’ve travelled this route already.

Going a step further, you could also consider interactive entertainment experiences, which can give another angle or form to something you love. The themes on online slots such as White Rabbit and Game of Thrones, for example, can let you engage on a level you otherwise wouldn’t. Available on desktop and mobile systems, getting started here is streamlined and simple.

Another example is the Harry Potter games, which can be a great way to explore Hogwarts on a level that’s unfortunately not possible in real life. For some real fun, be sure to point out the inaccuracies as you go, proving your superior knowledge for anyone around you to roll their eyes at.

Reading isn’t just about the books, it also reaches into a zeitgeist reflecting a broad range of contemporary cultural aspects. Take the time to explore, and you might find ways to extend your passion for reading to a level you never knew possible. Who knows, you might even discover a new favourite series or author along the way, or some new friends to share your obsession with.

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