How To Boost Your Wins In Call Of Duty Warzone

In the Battle Royale genre, Call Of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games but quite challenging.  To get wins in the Warzone which will not be so easy, it is important that  you plan the game ahead. It is observed that players get so interrupted in collecting  loot or so involved in gun fights that they forget about their main goal and their positioning in the game which is crucial to secure their win and as a result, they lose the game.

To enhance your game in Warzone, here some useful tips are compiled that will give you a winning edge in the battlefield and make it the best action game experience for the adventure seekers.

Plan your game first

The plan can always be improved such as when you are relocating or moving. To always have an advantage in the gunfights, make sure that you always keep the high ground especially when you are in the plane and taking a free fall , try to pick a firm and safe landing location. Be communicative with your teammates when playing in squads and trio’s. And it will be great if you all are in agreement to what you decide.

Have great loadouts setup

It is important for your game that you invest your hard-earned cash in buying loadouts from a buy station from the beginning of the game. Getting hands on the loot is not always easy, so it is worth investing in multiple loadouts setup of different weapons and gears. This will help you and your team in the long run and provide a certain perk or a weapon when you are in a grave situation.

This will benefit you and your team to play the game fiercely, without worrying and lingering to catch the drops once it hits the ground.

Focus on your contracts

One of the easiest ways to win in Call Of Duty Warzone is to earn cash, so never miss out on any opportunity that makes you get real cash. The opportunity means getting different contracts, lookout for the scavenger contract in the early game as they are in high demand, you can get to see some exciting action and free loot and a lot of win.

In the mid-game, you can get bounty contracts, these contracts help you find the hideout of another squad, giving you advantage for a few minutes and that can make a difference making it easier for you to win the game.

Use killstreaks when needed

It is important that you have killstreaks but don’t go buying any killstreak as they are costly and will deplete your savings fast. Though killstreaks are important in Warzone and you must get the hang of using them in the right situation, some of them are more valuable than others if used wisely at certain points in your game.

If the game is getting slow, invest in a killstreak such as Precision Airstrike to wipe out the enemies of the high ground or just get rid of the enemies hiding out in the buildings. Be a killing machine using the right killstreak at the right situation. You can have fun while cheating with COD Warzone from levicheats that will make your gameplay more thrilling and engaging.

Help your teammates

Winning in Warzone is all about team effort, so do whatever to help your teammates. Communicate at every possible length especially when using different gears and weapons such as when using a UAV for tactical planning and extracting information about your surroundings.

Always make sure to coordinate with the team about what you are doing, this way they can warn you beforehand when they see things getting out of hand. If you don’t have a microphone, make use of the ping system that is integrated in the game by default to convey the information around the teammates.

Coordination and communication also help to refrain each other from straying away in search of loot alone. Going alone can get you or your teammates in a risky situation such as getting stuck in the midst of the enemies’ territory, while other teammates are far away to come to the rescue in time. So playing as a squad with good understanding and communication can lead you to the end game.

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