Are Airbnb Property Inspections Useful: Evaluation Criteria and Basic Requirements

Any property management company values its reputation very much. Its main task is to provide comfortable conditions and a safe environment for all guests. That is why Airbnb has inspectors who will check the property based on several criteria, including internet access and cleanliness. Inspectors can issue certificates or indicate certain aspects of the property that should be changed to attract more guests. Most of the guests trust the inspection,  and in many cases, are willing to pay more to stay in a place that has been checked and has received a certificate.

An Airbnb agent may suffer from bad reviews and complaints from guests, so it is important to solve any problems as quickly as possible. Inspectors will conduct an inspection and identify specific points that require special attention. These can be anything from  design to  safety or hygiene conditions.You can read real airbnb host reviews.

We’ve put together a list of essential aspects that landlords should pay close attention to in order to become a host on Airbnb, attract new guests, and increase revenue.


  • Matching the style and design of each room to a single concept;
  • Brightness and intensity of lighting;
  • Functionality of the layout.


  • Availability and functionality of household appliances;
  • Cleanliness of all rooms and any open spaces in the house;
  • Electrical wiring safety.

Guest Check-in:

  • Ease of registration;
  • Availability of printed or digital instructions for check-in;
  • Availability of a guide about guest services;
  • Possibility of 24/7 registration.


  • Security of residence;
  • The presence of a lock;
  • Availability of window protection;
  • Availability and serviceability of the smoke detector;
  • Availability of a first aid kit.


  • Availability and operability of the TV;
  • Availability and operability of an iron and ironing board;
  • Availability and operability of an air conditioner or fan;
  • Availability and operability of the heater.


  • Availability of a working oven, hob, refrigerator, and microwave;
  • Adequate cold and hot water pressure;
  • Availability and cleanliness of dishes and cutlery;
  • The presence of garbage bags.


  • Serviceability of the mattress;
  • Cleanliness of bed linen;
  • Availability of shelves, cabinets, and a safe for valuables;
  • Adequate lighting.


  • No damaged pipes;
  • Cold and hot water supply;
  • Bath or shower;
  • Availability of hygiene products, towels, and mirrors.

Living room:

  • Family-friendly amenities;
  • Availability of workspace;
  • Availability of books, game magazines, or other means of entertainment.

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