A Few Tips for Identifying the Best Payout Casinos in UK

Any experienced gambling enthusiast who uses UK online casinos will tell you that it matters where you play. Picking an operator is an important step, especially if you are in it to win, and make frequent withdrawals. Currently, there are dozens of different operators that are doing their best to attract new users. Given their limited capability to compete with massive platforms they are focusing on more niche offers, in order to outperform bigger players in a single category. Here we will talk about UK online casinos and casino pokies online with high payout rates, and how users can identify those sites.


High Payout and RTP Games

Finding operators is now easier than ever, thanks to various ranking or review sites. You can find different review lists where sites are ranked based on games, bonuses, payment methods, etc. You can also find the best payout casino uk operators and immediately focus on all of the sites that have a good track record in this category. This also indicates that those same platforms have some of the highest RTP games, given their payout percentage or frequency.

RTP or return to player is calculated through house edge, as it indicates how much money the house is allowed to keep from the total revenue. Typically games with an RTP of 98% and 99% result in very frequent wins for the players, as their win chance is between 48% and 49%. You can find a list of high RTP slots, see who designed them, and then find online casinos that host games from those developers.


Withdrawals and Payout Speed

Another important aspect of payouts is payment processing speed or efficiency. Typically, online casinos have multiple options for deposit but you might also encounter that withdrawal method options are far more limited. Casinos with fast withdrawal options are usually those that can send payments via e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies. It’s also important to mention that the payment method one is using does not affect the speed at which the casino releases the payment. Meaning, when you make a withdrawal request it needs to be processed by the casino’s payment team.

Furthermore, if you claimed a bonus and did not meet the wagering requirement your withdrawal request can be denied. So, always have this in mind and adjust your expectations. Some of the best payout casino sites might have a bigger and more efficient team though, but if there is a high number of requests that need to be processed you will still have to wait.


Famous UK Operators

Another thing to consider when examining casino payout rates is whether that operator is famous or not. Bigger sites have more requests and millions of users, so their rates are going to be higher by default. Those sites that offer sports betting options and at the same time sponsor the Premiere League are giant corporations. These are a safe choice no doubt, but if you plan to play only slots then you might find smaller gambling sites better. Meaning you shouldn’t just go for the best payout online casino, you should go for the option that is best for you and your goals as a player.


Read User Reviews

Finally, if you are not sure about a certain site, then you can always look up what other users think. This is a sensitive matter because it involves other people’s money, so if someone tries to scam their user base, the players are going to be really vocal about their experience. The same sites that review operators allow for users to leave their comments, and there are other forums online where casino players exchange their stories. So, if the gambling site is not brand new, it’s difficult for them to hide negative reviews.



These were some of the tips or suggestions that you can use to find online casinos with high payout rates. If you want to play it safe you can simply use reputable and famous operators that everyone knows about. If you want to find better deals and better bonuses, then you might have to do some online research before you sign up. Basically, you need to pay attention to their withdrawal methods and if they host high RTP games.

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