3 Highest Rated Flavours You Need To Try!

CBD is fast becoming a popular remedy that people reach when trying to alleviate certain health problems. The compound comes from the cannabis plant, but the part that makes you feel high has been removed. What remains is CBD, and it’s been made into oils, creams, and gummies, and its potential benefits are what make it so well-liked. You can find all sorts of CBD products online with companies like  Zeal CBD, who offer numerous different variations of the product.  However, if you’ve ever tried CBD oil before, you’ll know that distinct taste that it has. It’s strong and can sometimes feel slightly tangy with notes of woodiness. That’s why some companies, now offer it in different flavours. The flavours are normally 100% natural and make the oil much easier to stomach. So, here are the top 3 highest-rated CBD flavours that you need to try!

  1. Mint

Although not everyone is a fan of mint, it still proves to be a very popular choice of flavour for CBD. Don’t be put off and worry that it will have a toothpaste-like taste either. The mint flavour a lot of the time is actually peppermint, which is more cooling and can be easier to swallow than the harsher, natural taste of CBD. Mint can actually be quite a sweet flavour when just the right amount is used too. Peppermint has the punchiest flavour out of the mint family, which is why it’s perfect for covering the full-bodied taste of CBD. If you like bold, menthol flavours, mint could be the way to go.

  1. Orange

Similar to mint, orange offers a hit of zesty citrus that will take your tastebuds on a journey. Orange is naturally warming and will linger on your palate for longer. Standard CBD can sometimes leave a grassy aftertaste in your mouth which some may find unpleasant, so opting for an aromatic, fresh flavour like orange can really help to remove any astringency.

  1. Strawberry

Fresh strawberries aren’t just sweet. They’re sharp and juicy with a subtle sugariness that dances around your mouth. Strawberry CBD oils seem to have captured this unique flavour and used it to overpower the heady taste of plain CBD. Strawberries are often a wonderful summertime treat, but you can make it feel like a sunny day every day with a flavoured CBD oil. If you prefer the juiciness and fresh taste of this plump, red berry, you might want to consider this flavour of CBD.

CBD claims to have lots of different benefits, from alleviating muscle pain to easing the symptoms of anxiety. The flavours added to the oils don’t affect the potency either, so you can be sure that the strength you choose, is the strength you get. However, it’s still important to check the ingredients when choosing a flavoured oil for any possible allergens. So, if you’re interested in trying them for potential relief, but don’t want to endure the earthy, pungent taste of natural CBD, giving a flavoured one a try might work best for you.

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