5 ways to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday

Happiness is not in what we receive but is in what we give and the priceless gift that we get in return is the smile of happiness that gives us satisfaction. There is no stringent rule as to when and what to gift, but what to gift is tricky, as it may put you in dicey situations like whether what you have planned for will be liked by the receiver or might be disappointing at their end? But it’s always wise to give surprises as surprises bring unlimited happiness with a big wide smile. May it is for any of your relations but, this trick works.

All are in the same shoes when it comes to birthday surprises.  Planning surprises for celebrating birthdays needs creativity and if you want to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday then it can be challenging. Few ideas mentioned here can come to your rescue for making your special friend’s day more special and memorable.

  1. BE THE FIRST ONE-when the clock strikes midnight be the first one to wish your beloved by whispering the birthday tune that can fill her heart with love, ask her to step near the door or window of her house to get a view of the beautiful sky wishing her happy birthday with the twinkling lights and as she steps near, get her surprised with your presence near her place holding a cake with a candle. Message her the time and place you have planned to meet her without revealing the details of the planned surprise.
  2. PROPOSE HER WITH A SPECIAL GIFT-What can be more enthralling than being proposed on your special day. Many customized rings are available for this purpose like the bespoke engagement rings London which can help you to express your love and commitment for your beloved. Knock into her heart by proposing her with an engagement ring, making the day memorable for her.
  3. DOORSTEP DELIVERY-Plan out the day. Get her birthday attire along with some accessories and flowers delivered, with a message stating the time. Drive to her doorstep to pick her giving her the feel of a princess. Help her to be comfortable on the rider and drive her to a place in the midst of nature, where you can spend some quality time with her along with some music and self-made dishes along with some gifts.
  4. DESTINATION PARTY-Plan out a destination that your girlfriend would be in love with. Invite her friends to the party keeping the whole event secret to surprise her. Ask all her friends to speak a few lines about her, which would make her feel special. Try arranging some customized gifts like a customized wristwatch, pendant, or a family photo frame including her too. You can also go for silver jewellery gifts as they are cheaper.
  5. OFF THE BUCKET LIST-Present her box full of a list with some written promises, promising her a life filled with love, care, trust and respect when she becomes the queen of your heart. Ascot her to a jewellery store which promises quality products with lux designs in affordable price for selecting your couple wedding rings, a collection available in certain selected stores like Hatton Garden Jewellers that promises to provide all the features that you are looking for in your wedding ring.

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