10 Instagram Tips for First Time Marketers Looking to Scale a Business.

Instagram is the go-to social media platform for most new marketers; its impressive interface and colorful content make it hard to tune out the app. Making Instagram content is also very easy with online tools like an outro maker or free editors.

The inbuilt tools like reels, boomerang, layouts, etc. make it very easy to produce creative and eye-catchy posts. If you are new to the Instagram game, here are a few points to help you find your online voice.

1. Your Bio Speaks Volumes

Think of the bio as the first impression of your business. Keep this information well-written and concise. A good bio should explain your business and tell new users why they must follow your page. Ensure the content is appealing to your niche target audience and uses the same voice tone as your brand’s posts.

The link in the bio is one of the best calls to action on the profile. Ensure it is regularly updated, or create a landing page with appropriate links on it. Until your profile reaches 10K followers, this is the only space for inserting URLs on Instagram,  

2. Switch to a Business Profile

The business profile or the creator profile is a prerequisite to marketing on Instagram. Once linked with the Facebook page, the business profile lets you make better ads, provides insights on your posts, and better content optimization tools.

It also allows you to add a phone number, a business address, and an email ID to the profile, improving the lead generation.  

3. Stick to Uniform Palettes

One excellent trick to make your profile look attractive is by using a consistent color palette across all your posts. This process means all your posts have a consistent color and design pattern. This practice will also help establish a unique and recognizable brand image.  

Another way to do this is by using a common font-family. Keep all your text work and posts in the same fonts to enhance your profile’s aesthetics.

4. Set a Posting Schedule

Scheduling involves two practices. One, to post regularly and consistently. The more often you post, the higher the chances of gaining regular interactions and gaining more eyeballs to your brand’s page. It also allows audiences to identify your content and follow your work more diligently.  

Secondly, have a posing schedule. Make a plan for a few weeks or months ahead of time and keep all social media updates prepared to go live. This will ensure you never miss a post or hamper your momentum.  

5. Use Insta-Story For Interactions

Posts added to Instagram-Story has a shelf life of only 24 hours. This means you can post more content, more often, and generate better engagement. Make out-of-the-box content that prompts the user to interact with your posts. The higher replies and reactions you achieve, the better your profile will rank on their feed.

Use the in-built tools like polls, reaction slider, location sticker, quiz, and the DM button to increase the chances of interactions. Edit videos online and make these posts in just a few minutes.

6. Use Analytics

When you switch to a business profile on Instagram, it provides you with post and page analytics. These insights will help you determine how each of your posts performs and make appropriate changes to your schedule.

It also helps you gauge what types of content are better received, which acts as a guideline for creating additional content.

7. Understand Hashtags

The hashtags on Instagram fulfill more than one purpose. Firstly, they help people in your target group discover your profile and your posts. Using the appropriate hashtags, you will attract a user-base looking to follow exciting posts in your domain.

Additionally, the hashtags help to categorize the content by interest and niche. On Instagram, each hashtag creates its individual page that users can choose to follow. Click on the hashtag to discover this page.

8. Play with Ads

Using the ad-manager tool on Facebook and linking your accounts — you can run profitable advertisements. The ads on Instagram blend seamlessly with the remaining content on the Feed and Story. This method gives you better conversion and engagements for each ad.

Instagram also allows you to narrow down your niche based on interest, region, age group, etc. Which helps derive highly targeted ads. Additionally, the Instagram ads tutorial will teach you that you have many ad formats like videos, Story, carousel, etc.

9. Collaborations

Collaborations on Instagram are a great way to spread the word about your business to new profiles. This collaboration can be with the users, other pages in the same domain, or with influencers. This exercise aims to discover more active users by tapping into others’ networks in your field.

The same is also true for user-generated content. UGC is taking the messages and posts from the following, and re-posting as your own. Using Re-posting-apps and story-sharing is one such method.  

10. Build with Communications.

Social media aims to spark conversions, that will never happen without you taking the first few steps. Do not just post content, also take time to interact with the commons and messages that you get. This will keep your page active and enhance your post reach.

You can have a few pre-written templates to make this process faster. Similarly, you must also comment and reply to posts and videos of other uses. Start conversations with other brands. This type of banter can draw a lot of eyeballs to your name.

Final Thoughts,

Before you jump into making content, make sure that you study your audience. Insights help you plan your posts and find a niche more reliably. Instagram is a relevant, young, and colorful platform. Make sure your content is appropriate to the TG to make a lasting impact.

Lastly, ensure you spend enough time before you change your plans or try a new platform. Online marking is not an overnight success. It takes time, effort, and patience to build a brand online. If you see results with certain content types, explore more of those. Make a calculated effort to reinvent your brand and provide fresh content as often as possible.

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