What Is the Best Conservatory Roof Type?

Most people agree that conservatories are wonderful additions to homes. Not only do they increase the level of light in your rooms, but they also help to increase the wow factor when you have friends around. You can use it for entertaining or just as somewhere to sit and relax during good weather.

Nowadays, most people with a conservatory also want it to be part-time usable as a room. It’s an excellent place to use computers, enjoy more formal furniture, or even put up some full-size paintings on the walls. If you wanted to make it feel like home – maybe you could even turn one of them into a study area!

Most conservatory roofs are glazed if they are designed correctly (with double glazing wherever possible). Still, if you prefer the idea of a solid roof that can be used as an outside space – maybe with external steps leading to it, then that is certainly an option. Here are some of the best conservatory roofs.

Conservatories with Skylight Windows

Conservatories with skylight windows may be the most popular conservatories Essex roof design. Skylight conservatory roofs enable natural light to flood the conservatory. They also come in different styles, such as conservatories with cathedral ceilings and conservatories with pyramidal roofs.

Pros of Conservatories with Skylight Windows

  • You can enjoy a lot of natural light that comes into your conservatory
  • You can conserve some energy (and some money) on lighting costs.


  • If not installed properly, it could become a safety hazard if water accumulates and trickles down to the inside of the conservatory.
  • Not suitable in high altitudes or cold climates places

Conservatories with Polycarbonate Roofs

Conservatories with polycarbonate roofs are popular conservatory roof choices among homeowners. It’s a good combination of affordability and protection against weather conditions like rain, snow, and strong winds. The conservatory roof material is made from a durable form of plastic that comes in many different colours.


  • Affordable
  • Able to stand up to harsh weather
  • It can last for decades if not damaged


  • In hot climates, heat could accumulate inside during the summer months, which can be unbearable without proper ventilation.
  • In the winter months, moisture accumulates on the inside because this type of conservatory roof doesn’t allow for good ventilation.

Conservatories with Flat Roofs

Conservatories with flat roofs are the most common conservatories Essex roof type in the market today because of their affordability and a wide range of conservatory-style options that you can choose from. This conservatory is also referred to as a lean-to conservatory because it’s attached to one side of your home, similar to a lean-to structure.


  • Inexpensive compared to conservatories with other types of conservatory roofs
  • Offers a variety of conservatory styles and conservatory designs that could match your home’s architectural design
  • It can be used as an extra living space that could triple the amount of indoor floor space


  • If a conservatory is not properly designed, it can cause more problems rather than solve it
  • Possible leakage during rainstorms or when snowfalls in winter months
  • Does not provide insulation from heat loss during winter months

Conservatories with a Lean-To Conservatory Roof

A lean-to conservatory is an ideal conservatory roof type if you want to add space for entertaining inside your home while conserving your home’s exterior architecture. It’s also popular among homeowners because it can be easily and affordably added on later as a conservatory room extension using only interior conservatory walls and ceilings – no exterior building is required.


  • If needed, you can remove the conservatories without having to dismantle or damage your home’s existing structure.
  • It can be easily modified or redesigned into another conservatory style by just replacing the existing conservatory frame and panels.
  • A great option if you’re looking for more living space that doesn’t take up too much space on the outside of your home
  • Offers the most conservatory-style options among conservatories with other types of conservatory roofs such as Victorian conservatories and conservatories with flat conservatory roofs


  • It can be quite costly if you’re looking for a large conservatory
  • Some houses may not have enough room to support a lean-to conservatory

Conservatories with a Cathedral Roof

This type of conservatory roof is also commonly known as a cupola or bell top conservatory because it’s typically dome-shaped and has several windows that open up into the main house. This type of conservatory roof was popular in Victorian times but can still be found in some modern homes today.


  • Allows natural light to enter the conservatory
  • More spacious compared to conservatories with flat conservatories roofs
  • A great investment if you want a conservatory that can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons
  • It can be used for parties, dining, and lots of entertaining space


  • More expensive compared to conservatories with other types of conservatory roofs
  • Less insulation from heat loss during winter months

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