Want to Learn about Graphics Cards? Top Books to Read

If you are new to the field of technology or want to brush up on your knowledge, books are a great way to achieve this. Technology changes at such a rapid rate that it becomes extremely difficult to keep up with the industry. Luckily there are qualified professionals that enjoy imparting their knowledge, so you can find all the information you need by looking for some reading material.

Graphics cards are relatively easy to understand, however, there are thousands of different models that it is almost impossible to know everything. For those that enjoy sitting with a book and learning new things, then read on. These are the best three books available online for anyone who can benefit from learning more about GPUs

Modern Graphics Programming Primer, Hand de Ruiter, 2019

Theory and practice work hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Just as you cannot practice something unless you have the theoretical information to work with. This 2019 book covers everything from the basics of graphics and visualisations with hundreds of tutorials for you to practice with.

Available online as an eBook, you will soon see just how simple GPUs are to understand. If you understand how a graphics card works, you will know better how to implement it in a practical setting. This book has been rated 4.49 out of five so it is definitely a worthwhile read.

Learn CUDA Programming, Jaegeun Han, Bharatkumar Sharma, 2019

Going back to the essentials of how GPUs are created, this book talks in detail about the programming languages and methods used to design a component that produces vibrant and clear images. Using mostly languages C, C++, and Python, the authors focused on GPU computing and how algorithms are created and programmed into the card to improve a computer’s graphical performance.

In this book, you will also learn about CPU programming and how they differ from GPU in performance, capabilities, and features. This book is fantastic because you can learn the ins and out of how components such as the Lenovo Intel® Arc™ are designed to offer improved computing performance.  The technology of convolutional neural networks (CNN) is also discussed to give readers a broad-spectrum idea of how to optimise graphics cards for different functions. Rated at 4.4, this book is a must-read.

The 2021-2026 World Outlook for Microprocessors, GPUs, and Peripherals Professor Phillip Parker, 2020

Professor Parker wrote this book with the intent of explaining the outlook on microprocessors, graphics cards, and computer peripherals. Focusing on 190 countries, the book covers a year in each chapter to inform readers of different GPU technologies and each country’s potential industry earnings (PIE).

Employing a quantitative method of study, this book includes interesting details about the effects of GPU on gamers, and what the future holds in the next six years. This book might not teach you the specific languages and algorithms, but it will give you an idea of what countries sell the most integrated vs dedicated cards, and which countries are the leaders in GPU and microprocessor technology.

Start today by improving your knowledge so you can show your skills to your friend and family at the next gathering.

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