How to Edit PDF Quick Online

Today, every working person has a computer, access to broadband, and, of course, taxes, numerous forms from the boss, medical papers, and loads of other PDF files. You might already experience how convenient it is to get other tasks done without installing cumbersome software. So, you need one of the best PDF editors for online use and learn how to edit PDF files online quickly. Is that right? Catch the detailed guide below then!

What is the Best Online PDF Editor

According to the rating by JPG2PDF Converter experts, the most reliable online solution for PDF editing is PDFLiner. This online app lets you upload, create, edit, annotate, sign, and share documents on your device and store all the files in secure cloud storage. More than that, business accounts allow team editing for up to 5 simultaneous users. 

How to Edit PDF Online

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to modify PDF documents online quickly, using PDFLiner. Other platforms have similar workflows. 

  • Upload file.  

Simply drag and drop the file onto the home page or click ‘Upload Document’ and find it on your device. Alternatively, you can ‘Type document URL’ or ‘Seach for Document’ in PDFLiner’s database. All from the home screen. 

  • Add text and fillable fields.

 Click on the T button on the upper tool panel and click anywhere on the document to create a text field and type in any text. Font, size, and color can be edited later. 

  • Insert marks & draw.

Click the + button on the same panel and choose the mark you need from the list. Next, point the cursor where you want to insert the mark and click. The trash been icon nearby lets you delete the mark anytime later. If you want to insert a line or an arrow, you have to do the same, but you can also click and drag the red dots on the ends of shapes to resize them. Finally, you can draw any shapes and mark by clicking the same + button and choosing the ‘Draw’ option. It will open the brush settings menu (color, size) and let you draw objects anywhere on the document. 

  • Add images

Click the good ol’ button with the plus icon and click ‘Add Image’. The Image Wizard will offer you stock images, an option to shoot a photo with your webcam or to upload the image from your device. Select the needed option and place the fit on the page. 

  • Highlight, blackout, whiteout.

All three options are available via the button with a brush icon and let you highlight elements with color lines, delete black elements from white sectors, or white elements from black sectors. Just click on the brush you need and stretch it over the field you need to cover. 

  • Add date

Simply click the ‘Add Date’ button with a calendar icon and click on the wanted location in the document. Now you can click on the date field and select the needed date from the calendar. 

  • Sign

Click the ‘Add Sign’ button with a pen icon and click ‘Add New Signature’. Use one of the 4 available e-sign methods: generate a signature from text, draw, upload, or capture with a webcam. 

  • Arrange, add, delete pages. 

By clicking the ‘Rearrange’ button right above the page list, you can open a rearranging window and change the order, delete, or add new pages. Click ‘Apply’ when done. 

Online PDF Editing Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros. Online PDF editing sets you free from downloading and installing any software. Of course, you have to install the app only once, but what if you have to do it quickly or you don’t have enough storage space on your device? Yes, online apps will save your day! Solutions like PDFLiner let you do all the editing stuff online as well as store all your files in a cloud to avoid cluttering your device. 

On the negative side, online PDF editors can’t function when you’re not connected to the web but need to access or redact a PDF immediately. That’s just a single disadvantage, but it can be crucial for some users. 

Loaded for Productivity 

Congratulations! Now your PDF editing knowledge is enough to accomplish the vast majority of tasks at home and work without wasting time on any other guides. Just sign up for the best online PDF editor and do what you need right away. 


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