Top Attractions in Australia

People often think of Australia as the smallest and oddest sibling of Europe. And although there is some truth to that, Australia has much more to offer than meets the eye. Sure, it looks rather small on the map. Though, at this time, you should already know that maps often lie when it comes to sizes. Moreover, it’s also one of the largest countries in the world. It comes sixth, to be specific. Hence, it already shows how much it can offer within those borders. 

Sure, Australia is also far from the rest of the world. Yet, it has good flight connections, especially if flying from Southeast Asia. Besides, despite the distance, in terms of culture, Australia is really close to Western countries. 

Overall, there can be many reasons to visit Australia. One is just curiosity, for the very least. Yet, we have also come up with five top destinations in Australia that every tourist would love to see. Honestly, after visiting those sights, you will never underestimate Australia again. 


Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

How can we start a guide on Australia with anything other than Sydney Opera House? Of course, it’s the only option we have. After all, the Opera House is the signature sight of Sydney. Even though it’s a ‘young’ building (only about 50 years old), people all over the world recognize it instantly. 

You don’t want to ignore it while you’re there. In fact, you can’t do it even if you try. The Opera House is seen from land and ocean even when you are miles away. So, what is that special about Sydney Opera House? Well, besides its great beauty and impressive sizes, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building hosts lots of attractions inside, including cinema, exhibitions, theater, and, of course, a concert hall. 


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory

Another Australian World Heritage Site, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, is one of the most unique and weird-looking places you may ever visit. The national park is famous for its unusually looking rocks. They are not just bright red but also dome-shaped, making an odd combination. We recommend visiting his place during sunset or dawn. During this time, the sunlight plays a crucial role in how you perceive the red rocks. Light casts interesting shades on the rocks, leaving an unforgettable impression. 

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Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales

Blue Mountains National Park is yet another beautiful park on our list that you simply can’t miss. It doesn’t matter whether you are big on hiking or not. Seeing such beauty is worth taking a long walk in the mountains. The trip to the park from Sydney will take you only a day. Yet, the change of scenery is incredible. 

You’ll see lots of eucalyptus trees, gorgeous waterfalls, canyons, and wild forests. The park also offers many various activities for tourists. You can take a hiking trip on one of the many trails or enjoy horse riding along the forest. Depending on your preferences and skills, you can also do mountain biking, rock climbing, and much more. 


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Queensland

Traveling to Australia and not seeing the Great Barrier Reef should be a crime. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t have that many marine parks accessible for tourists. So when you have an opportunity to witness beautiful ocean reefs, you should take it with no hesitation. 

This destination is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and the World Heritage natural site. It was established in the mid-1970s to preserve the ecosystem near Australian shores. Now, it is one of the largest living structures ever to exist in the modern world. It is home to nearly 3,000 coral reefs and over 1,500 species, including sharks, giant clams, and dolphins. Of course, it is also the most desired destination for divers from all over the world. 


Broome, Western Australia

This coastal city has become the prior tourist destination over the years. There is a good reason why. Broome can offer numerous unique tourist experiences throughout the entire year. First of all, it is known for its beautiful, white-sand beaches. They stretch for miles, which leaves plenty of room for privacy. Sunset camel riding is quite popular in this part of the city. 

Next, people come here for the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon when the moon ‘creates’ a path to the horizon. Next, tourists never miss out on visiting Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park, which hosts not only crocodiles but other rare Australian species, including kangaroos. 

Finally, after a few long days of sightseeing, tourists can relax in the city. Shopping, great nightlife, and great cuisines will make the holiday truly memorable. 

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