The Five Types Of App To Download To Make You Feel Calmer

We all have periods of our life, even our day, when we need to calm down a little. After all, looking after our mental health is more important than ever before.

There are stresses we face at every turning, from dealing with complicated matters and tight deadlines at work, to relationship struggles, battles with addiction and even the bad news that’s on our screens each night, from wars to pandemics, financial crises to the climate one.

More and more of us are facing heightened anxiety or turning to the likes of alcohol to try and cope, often taking it to extremes that require help from a rehabilitation centre.

Of course, those last few sentences have got intense quite quickly, but life is for so many people too, at a sharp rate. Which is why we need to do all we can to ease our mind and thoughts, whether it be taking an hour to go for a run, or even using our smartphones to try and destress and calm down.

There are many apps currently out there that can help with this, so here are five different types of app that you should download for when you need to feel calmer…

Meditation Apps

Meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety. There are many meditation apps available that can guide you through meditation sessions, making it easy to practice wherever you are. Headspace is a popular meditation app that offers guided meditations that range from just a few minutes to longer sessions. The app also offers daily reminders to help you stay consistent with your practice. Other popular meditation apps include Calm and Insight Timer.

Relaxation Sounds Apps

If you’re looking to create a calming atmosphere, then relaxation sounds apps might be just what you need. These apps offer a range of sounds, from raindrops and waves to white noise and thunderstorms. Listening to these sounds can help you relax and focus, whether you’re trying to sleep or just need to unwind after a long day. Relax Melodies is a popular app in this category, offering a vast library of sounds that you can mix and match to create your perfect relaxation experience.

Gratitude Apps

Practicing gratitude is an excellent way to shift your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones. Gratitude apps can help you keep track of the things you’re thankful for and remind you to take time to appreciate them. Happyfeed is an app that encourages you to record three things you’re grateful for each day. You can also look back on past entries to remind yourself of all the good things in your life. Other popular gratitude apps include Gratitude Journal and Bliss.

Breathing Apps

Deep breathing is an effective way to calm your mind and reduce stress. Breathing apps can guide you through breathing exercises, helping you slow down your breath and find a sense of calm. Breathe2Relax is a popular breathing app that offers exercises designed to help you manage stress and anxiety. Other popular breathing apps include Paced Breathing and Breathing Zone.

Yoga Apps

Yoga is an excellent way to reduce stress and improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga apps can help you practice wherever you are, whether you’re at home or on the go. The Down Dog app offers a range of yoga classes, from beginner to advanced, and you can customise each class to suit your needs. The app also includes a range of background sounds, from music to nature sounds, to help you relax and focus.

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